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Scrambled egg for breakfast

The pendulum doth swing from one end to the other. At the moment eggs are in. What is a good start to the day? Especially if you are not wanting to have a carb “excursion” it bodes well to have a protein start to the day. Breakfast is a very important meal, perhaps the most important and affects metabolism for the rest of the day. There are studies that link skipping breakfast to the development of type 2 diabetes. Other studies that link general good health to eating a good healthy breakfast.

There is so much rubbish out there for breakfast including just about all the cereals on the market though some are worse than others. They are jam-packed full of sugar.

Not everyone is happy to have eggs for breakfast – there are some other options : jogurt (no sugar added kind), fish (though if not keen on eggs less likely to be keen on fish I think) and then there is a whole range of future life breakfast that needs to be dosed in the correct portion and I would suggest the no sugar added one.

But back to scrambled eggs – easy to do, easy to flavour with just about anything from a touch of salt to cheese or even more adventurous toppings. If you are diabetic and you have protein for breakfast – it is “free” and does not require a dose of insulin. Bargain.scrambled eggs

Are all carbs equal ?

Are all carbs equal. No, I don’t think so. For example a plate of deep fried chips vs a quinoa salad is a totally different kettle of “carbs”. The notion that quality of carbs plays a role is something to think about. Simba chips vs roasted corn. White or brown bread vs a half a cup of brown rice. Putu “pap” vs roasted butternut.

Quality certainly is a concept that should not be thrown out with the baby and the bath water.

Should one consume heaps of protein? No I don’t think so either a healthy portion remains a portion the size of one’s palm. Protein snacks instead of simple carb snacks are a good idea as they do definitely help to keep the blood sugar stable. An overload of protein in any form and bear in mind there are also quality proteins vs less high quality proteins, is dangerous for the body especially the kidneys.


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