Diabetes and the holidays …

So I have blogged about this before, but they are upon us now.

What should you be doing/not doing or doing differently during the holidays.

We all know that glucose control is one way in the week and quite a different way on the weekend and holidays. This is partly because we are human and life is well just not always easy and letting your hair down usually goes with a bit of alcohol (if you are old enough) and a bit of cheating (dare I say it).

So all things considered, where does this leave you with your diabetes?

Consider it. Be mindful of it. Carb count it. Accurately.

With the holidays come a little bit of time – that we don’t usually have. Choose to exercise – must be something you love. Be creative. Horse ride or bike ride or dance!

Factor the exercise in. IF you are not sure how to do this, consult someone. Even if you are on holiday – trust me most of us (health care folk) are at work : dieticians, GP’s, nurse educators etc.

Don’t just go ape on yourself. It’s so much harder to get back the lost ground.

Enjoy yourself but be fair about it. Restraint is required.

Give yourself a Christmas present of being present more often. This will carry through to the new year and be a wonderful asset.

Top sites that I feel are invaluable : http://www.fatsecret.co.za – south african ,excellent for carb counting and so much more!, pinterest has awesome pictograms of diabetes.

Feel free to share your best app, resource with me.

Merry Christmas.


Abbott Flash special extended

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Diabetes non-month -we can still make folk aware ;)

Hello. Today is the first of December. November (diabetes month) officially over. “Ca dover”.

Diabetes is a growing problem. Most people do NOT choose it. More so type 1 – spontaneous destruction of all beta cells of the pancreas making you insulin dependent (like alcohol dependant only a little different (this is a little joke so don’t get too upset about this statement if you are prone to getting upset).

Type 2  can be lifestyle induced but that does not mean you should judge the person. Or that anyone has given you the power to do that. Or the right.

Insulin only comes in the injectable form. Yes that means you have to inject anywhere from one to 6 x a day. Then you also have to test your sugar – another “prick” required.

So don’t be a prick to diabetics as having dealt with so many already they can’t tolerate you too. And for that matter the moms and dads of diabetic children also fall into the category of not needing any more pricks in their lives – they are hard enough. Grow some empathy. Please? Even if just for the festive season.

So, in december, the festive season. Not everyone in this life is as blessed as you : health and wealth and mental health wise. If you only do this this festive season let it be that you are kind. To all around you. Truly kind not the falsely kind of kind.

Born in the wrong country

So sometimes I feel that really deep deep down in my soul I am actually a mixture of spanish, italian and a few kinds of south american.

I love to dance. Even in the light. Even in the night when no-one else is. Even in the sun shining day. Even in the hay. I just love it. I love the beat. I love music with a beat. I love music with a soul, and I love a community that embraces that as do the afore-mentioned.

As south africans and (I am told as men) dancing is something learnt whilst drunk and can only be performed in such a state and the window is quite narrow as once too many drinks are on board the physical act of standing is even hard.

So I am native to another country and my soul beats that drum.

It would be so great though if as south africans (at least) we could embrace the person who is dancing instead of rejecting, dissing and naming and shaming them.

Just a thought.

Different is not bad and it should not be intimidating. It certainly should not ever invoke nastiness.

As a nation (at least the privileged part thereof) we tend to be quite critical as well as sharp with our words. We tend to be a little arrogant and set in certain ways we call our own. There is nothing wrong with our own ways but by the same token there is also nothing wrong with another way ?

Anger is a map?

Anger is a voice, a map, it shows us boundaries and points the way. Anger in itself is not an enemy of something to be feared or rejected. It is a powerful human emotion that stirs, rocks and beckons to guide. Anger is not the action. It is action’s invitation. No this is not my wisdom it comes from 2 books : Drawing as a sacred activity and The Artist’s way.

Life is in many ways a puzzle and needs a bit of figuring out.

We move through it, short as it is, in a way that we essentially choose for ourselves. Sometimes it feels as if we have not chosen it, but in essence it is our choice.

Living with that choice is sometimes hard to come to terms with. But oh the joy of knowing that the path going forward can be chosen in a better way.

Plato said that the life unexamined is not worth living. And I like this.

Also Albert Einstein said Imagination is more important than knowledge and I like this even more.

Synchronicity (fortuitous intermeshing of events) according to Jung is a thing of wonder and beauty too.

All matter has energy and it is in constant motion. That’s not what I invented or even a creator invented, it just IS.

And so much is gifted to us for the using of navigation in this life, yet because a lot of it is mysterious we don’t attach the value to it that it shouts out for, like anger.

Many folk dis art and relegate it to the empaths and “feelers” of this world. I say art is life. Art is part of the path, art is part of the navigation and part of the tools to navigate.

We are complex beings men and women. And yet we are actually so simple. The tools are all right there in front of us, yet so hidden that many of us don’t see them. Our lives are our own responsibility and cry out for us to take ownership fully. Grasp that and then grasp life. Live : whatever you think you can do or believe you can do, begin it, Action has magic, grace and power in it – Goethe.



Myths around diabetes

via Myths around diabetes

Myths around diabetes

November is diabetes month – awareness around what it is and treatment etc. There is actually quite a lot of strange information that circulates, “fake-news” so to speak regarding diabetes at large.

So let’s dispel some myths.

1.) Diabetes is caused by poor diet : firstly type 1 has nothing to do with diet and is bad luck essentially. It seems to be an auto-immune disease and essentially destroys the b cells of the pancreas creating an absolute lack of insulin.

Type 2 diabetes is a lifestyle related as well as genetic disease and even more complex in nature.

Insulin resistance is a condition more and more prevalent due to lifestyle as well as stress – a big factor. More about this another time.

2.) IF you eat properly you will get better : well firstly type 1 diabetes, without insulin – you die, children in the era before 1921 died. Only since 1921 and Banting and Best’s discovery do type 1 ‘s survive with normal life expectancies.

Concerning type 2 diet is critical and important (as it is with type 1) carbs are key and obviously healthy eating and exercising are key but eating 100% correctly will unfortunately not bring back b cells that have died.

3.) Type 1 diabetics should never eat carbs : whilst one should be mindful of the type and quantity of carb and dose the insulin accordingly it is by no means advised that type 1’s exclude all carbs. This is a tricky one and best discussed in consultation with a dietician.