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Moving …

We are moving to 2 Quarry road, it is first right along Quarry road out of hilton avenue, literally on the corner.

WE will only have 0832898351 available for bookings and whatsapp (feel free to whatsapp). Telkom will not be moving with us ;(.


The Ellen Bird boasts a coffee shop, a gift shop, kiddies play area as well as lovely parking.

See you there …


Moving …

We are moving to 2 Quarry Road, turn left or right into quarry road from hilton avenue and it is the first property on the right marked Ellen Bird. WE will no longer have our 033 343 1826 number -please delete it, WE WILL BE USING 0832898351.

Please feel free to whatsapp, it’s cheaper.


There is ample parking. There is a lovely coffee shop as well as gift shop, lots of space to sit outside and inside whilst you wait (if you have to). Also a kiddies play area.

See you there …

Phones down again, telkom …

Please call 0832898351


Listened to a fascinating talk shared on Facebook this am : Watch Susan David‘s TED Talk on how to control your emotions in a healthy way: She explores the paradigm that being positive has become to be morally “correct” and that we seem to all have bought into this delusion.

I love the way she expounds the fact that this is a dead man’s perrogative.

Emotion is part of being human and the full range of emotions is what makes us alive. They do not control us, however going through the full range actually enables success not the way we currently just wish to put on a smiley face and pretend it all happy.

Humans are complicated, thank the Lord for that. We do have emotions. We are NOT artificial intelligence robots.

Stop before you criticise a fellow human today for what you perceive to be negativity or grief or a “negative” emotion. Allow compassion, understanding and quiet supportive stillness to abide.

The joy of kinship is something I feel was worked at on a daily basis by the ancients. Community, living in “communion” and “supporting” one another friend to friend, lover to lover, something we don’t really really do anymore. Perhaps we are too busy. Perhaps we are too driven by things that actually don’t matter in the end.

We do actually need each other. And we do actually have a role in each others lives in terms of empathy, compassion and even just silent standing by –  a deep recognition of another just by “being” there in spirit and truth.

February the month of love

Love love the big love. Which organ serves you most in love?

Is it the heart ? Or could it be the brain?

Could it be the gut??

Are the gut and the brain connected? Is the heart just a pump or it the seat of the soul there?

Love is patient love is kind. Love is in essence a pure distilled un-muddied thing.

Yet the process of love is very muddy.

We all yearn for it, even the toughest amongst us. Even the hardest of the hard, well some would argue they yearn for it more. In more ways than one 😉

The body is a vessel that contains so much, working in synergy, a whole lot of stuff being co-ordinated on a minute to minute basis. A miracle indeed.

Physical, biological, chemistry and so much much more! Then throw emotion in there. It’s a wonder we can “contain” it all.

I will end with my favourite Kalil Gibran ” The deeper the sorrow carves into your being, the more joy it can contain.” Sad but happy.


Grace Vision – cataracts dissolved, vision returned


Cataracts gone, vision returned and life in abundance

Once a year I pilgrim to Zithulele Hospital in the transkei. A special place. I call it pilgrim as I have been going for a while now and my girls are 4 and 6 and they make the long journey with me. Sometimes travelling with little folk is a little challenging euphemistically speaking.

Zithulele hospital is a place that is full of peace and joy and HOPE. Look them up and look up Jabulani NGO associated with it and if you believe in south africa, even if you believe in humanity and life and goodness – donate – I promise you it’s the best money you will spend in 2018.

Grace Vision is a place on par with Zithulele -look them up too. They also need some money. Put it here instead of bitcoin and ether whatever.

The gift of vision from blindness to the elderly and even some younger patients is precious and a profound privilege to be a part of in any way.

I am extremely lucky to be trained in MCSIS – scleral tunnel cataract surgery – suture – less.

Grace Vision is an impeccably run project. The entire team are dedicated, hard working people. The entire team, and each person is part of the miracle occurring in the blind.

So begin 2018 with purpose and a gift – I challenge YOU !

Mina – Claudine – the pictures here are of Glenn Strauss – the amazing guy who taught me this technique – look up helpmesee  …. and support him too!! so many challenges …