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Dubai Diabetes

I was extremely privileged to attend the META (middle-east Turkey Africa) collaborative diabetes conference in Dubai at the weekend. Wow!

I was treated like an absolute princess, divine food! International speakers were out of this world and I thank Boeringher-Ingelheim for a superbly organised time in this wonderful place. I am a big fan of Dubai! (now).

I met 2 new friends and such a rare sparkling gem to have spent this time together. Thank you!

The talks focused on a new class of diabetes drug not yet available in south africa (maybe next year) for type 2 diabetes – SGLT sodium glucose transport inhibitor drug which causes you to pee out the glucose (sugar). This new drug not only has great sugar control BUT prevents heart attacks as well as has a positive effect on kidney disease.

There has been so! much research in the last few years and it is really so exciting to be a part of being able to treat diabetes more efficiently effectively and with fewer


Holistic chronic disease management


Chronic diseases are really common place in 2016. They respond much better to holistic treatment than to simply relying on your medicine to “treat” you.

We believe that a combination of exercise, mindfulness, whole body treatment will get you both longevity as well as quality of life.

Diabetes can cause amputations, need for dialysis, blindness as well as severe and debilitating nerve damage – pins and needles/nerve pain in the hands and feet.

If you visit “the team” regularly this will NOT happen to you.

Your medical aid pays for all of the members of the team – so no excuse.

Don’t do it for me or the next person – do it for YOU and your family.

Nourish and flourish

A lovely home cooked meal that is diabetic friendly and low in carbs.

Chicken moussaka : divine tender chicken and bacon with aubergine smothered in a cheesy herbed sauce

Thai chicken curry : mild thai curry with julienne veggies in a coconut sauce

Melanzane Parmigiana : roast aubergine with a slow-cooked delicious tomato parmesan and mozzarella cheese sauce

Cottage Pie : savoury mince with creamy sweet potato and butternut mash

singles, doubles and 4 portions available in store : 26 hilton avenue


Eat healthy live long and well!


Innate packages

Examples of our packages

Day 1

arrive and unpack, lunch and settle in around 10 am


doctors consult/life coach/ pilates (each an hour)

sundowners and dinner

Day 2

breakfast and carb count with Fran

kinesiology/biokinetics/ one on one with dietician

lunch and carb count

Pm : podiatrist, massage, chill (massage optional extra)

dinner with Tanya (cooking demo)

day 3

breakfast and carb cont

group session

doc consult/group talk

lunch (optional)

2 nights and 3 days

*** excludes beauty/pamper treatments

multi-disciplinary sessions can be chosen by patient : dietician, podiatrist, biokineticist, educator, life coach, kinesiologyhealthy foodhealthspa

on this specific package R5900.00 of which R2700 claimable from the medical aid and R3200 paid out of your own pocket (does depend on different med aids)

Dreams become reality

Yesterday something that I have dreamed about came true. Integrative, holistic, healthy, delicious, diabetology in motion.

We had our very first collaborative cooking class with Tanya Nicolson (The cookhouse) and Fran Steart (dietician). Food is a part of daily life. For many diabetics it becomes a bone of contention for so many reasons. Controlling the glucose is key to a long healthy happy life and yet so much of what we eat does the opposite to the blood sugar. Does that mean diabetics have to eat awful, tasteless “diabetic” food? NO!! No no no.

Enter our team with a meal created and crafted especially for this first occasion (and more to follow), “tested” in situ by real diabetics who tested both sugars and the actual experience of the class.

We are so excited to offer this concept to not only diabetics (though this is our starting point) but also for weight loss, general fatigue as well as other applications going forward. Eating is also about socialising, experiencing different things, tastes and emotions.

Thanks so so much to Tanya for all your research and perfecting (and I mean perfecting) this divine meal that has allowed minds and taste buds to open. Thanks to Fran for succinctly detailing information about carbohydrates and improving the process of understanding on a daily basis that is able to transform glucose levels and lives.cookingclass

Diabetes do-able, delicous

Super exciting news emanating from 26 Hilton avenue is a brand new concept of multi-disciplinary and holistic care for the spectrum of diabetes : pre-diabetes, type 2 and type 1 s.

We are starting with a “master” class in diabetology understanding and cooking and the best bonus of all is that you will sit down to a meal with the delectable delicious meal that you have just learnt how to replicate at home. You will go home with the recipe in detail as well as have our dietician carb count and drill down into the nitty gritty yet easy way to “see” carbs and “react” to them.

As a team, the innate Hilton professionals are rolling out the full range of services for diabetics and we will keep you posted.

For enquiries re the “master” class : Shirvone 033 343 2243

That baby fat – getting rid of “so how many months are you? grr”

Any lady who has been pregnant (well except those freaks of nature who only gain a few kgs and shed them immediately as you shed a jersey), will know that if you gain an excessive amount of weight during pregnancy it can be an incredibly hard task to shed them.

In my case it took me a long long time. It was around a year ago that I finally grew weary of the endless comments – “so how far along are you?” “when is your 3 rd baby due?”. Well I was not and my 2nd baby was already one, so yes why did I still look like a pregnant fairy?

I made up my mind that it was going – all of it and set some rigorous goals. And for me more than anything else it was that mindset and determination. Yes I cut out sugar and refined carbs. No I did not strictly “Bant” so to speak but I do believe I combined the best elements of “banting and Noakes ideas” with healthy eating and added in exercise where I could – although anyone with 2 children will know this is quite hard.

Slowly the kgs came off and most delightedly my waist line shrunk away.

Now the comments are along the lines of ” you are wasting away” – I can live with that. 🙂

beatiful bump -no this is not me

beatiful bump -no this is not me