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A combo that combines the best of pump with the best of continuous monitoring

I am so glad and so grateful for the partnership between Roche accu-chek combo and Dexcom (ethitech) for bringing together effective algorythyms for delivery of insulin with really accurate continous glucose monitoring. It is making the biggest difference in stable sugars since I have started helping diabetic type 1 patients a good many years ago.

For the first time in their lives my 5 patients on dexcom/accu-check combo pump have a tool that helps minute to minute but essentially prevents hypos and high excursion in blood sugar. The result more stable moods, more energy, I guess in short better quality of life due to not “recovering” from a high or a low. Better adjustments on the pump because of quality information that actaully makes a difference.

Life as a type 1 for both patient and all the family and friends of that patient is tricky. This is making it far less tricky and changing quality of life as well as long-term health translating into less complications downstream. (Note to funders : this will cost you less in the long run – less heart attacks, amputations, dialysis, etc)

combo pump

combo pump


dexcom difference

So I have 5 patients on Dexcom – continuous monitoring for diabetes. They are all type 1 patients (but type 2s could use this device too). It has made the hugest difference in terms of almost NO hypos ! Why? Because you see it dropping and you react !

Seems obvious but if you are diabetic you know how @@$$%% awful a low is. And being able to prevent is like a magic trick.

Also a lot less high excursions – you see the trend of it going up and you can exercise, run a temp basal or if really high like >15 do a correction bolus (aiming for not too aggressive otherwise you induce a see-saw pattern we are trying to avoid).

Delighted I am for them as well as all the other patients in the future that is it going to help.

The technology is simply one that works – an amazing little filament with embedded sensor that detects change that is fed into an algoryhtm. It is accurate, hard working, simply a wonderful armentarium in the diabetes tools.dexcom

Can I ask anyone out there to give feedback on their dexcom tips?

WE have a lot to be thankful for

This is an image of the dog with diabetes that was used to “test” the first insulin in order for it to be deemed safe for human use.

In this case it worked in the dog’s favour too.

Sometimes I think our research and testing does not though.

Technology does seem to come at a price and I really think we don’t stop and think about that price.

thanks to our animals with diabetes

thanks to our animals with diabetes

Before Banting and Best, a sad story

pre insulin

pre insulin

In the olden days, like 1900s and in fact up until not so long ago around 70 years ago, if you had type 1 diabetes the sad reality was that you died, starved in a sea of plenty. Without insulin glucose can not get into the cells where it is needed for metabolism/function. You slowly starve and die.

Banting and Best discovered insulin and have saved all type 1 diabetics this.

We are forever indebted to their hard work in achieving a treatment.

We no longer have to have our hands tied behind our backs in terms of saving lives when it comes to type 1 diabetes and I think every doctor and every parent is eternally grateful for this blessing given to us by these two doctors.