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Rizodeg about to “arise”

Yes yes yes ! I am hoping (praying ) that Rizodeg will be scriptable by monday – you heard me this coming monday!

The insulin we have been waiting for : no stacking (NO stacking) nil to no hypos, steady release, long half life, a short acting component for meals -breakfast and supper – you can either eat NO carbs for lunch or do an extra short acting dose.

Essentially a BD – twice daily dose with far far better CONTROL – i.e. staying in the happy zone of 5-9 constantly – what joy!!!!

WE have been waiting and waiting for a product like this and it is about to arrive and arise!

Diabetics on insulin up to now have swung from high to low and low to high and had very little control over this, so many factors and “not at all predicable” absorption.

This new insulin solves many of our issues and we can not wait!!

Sadly probably not re-imbursed by med aids – but which diabetic would not gladly rather have quality of life?

Rather save on some other things and make sure the diabetic in your life has quality and quantity of life 🙂ryzodegabsorption


So why do some patients go into honeymoon and some do not? It is a great mystery to me that I am hoping will also help us unravel the mystery of type 1 diabetes.

So type 1 diabetes is when your pancreas is NOT able to produce insulin. Is this problem, well yes. Every cell in the body requires glucose and the key molecule to take glucose into the cell is insulin. So without insulin cells literally die of starvation. The cell metabolism tries to use a desperate way to stay alive that is not sustainable and the eventual outcome is cell death.

What is it that causes one person to have a “honeymoon” period – i.e. easy to control diabetes either with diet or a combination of medication and diet and then all of a sudden the honeymoon is over?

Are we able to extend the honeymoon?

Are we able to figure out why some patients are diagnosed and never have a honeymoon?

These are answers I am after.

Type 1 diabetes is a real bugger of a disease. One you can never have a holiday from. One only a patient or a parent understands the devastation of.

WE have made leaps and bounds in type 2 diabetes, it is now time to make leaps and bounds in type 1.

Please contact me if you have any info/answers to my questions.

Dreams become reality

Yesterday something that I have dreamed about came true. Integrative, holistic, healthy, delicious, diabetology in motion.

We had our very first collaborative cooking class with Tanya Nicolson (The cookhouse) and Fran Steart (dietician). Food is a part of daily life. For many diabetics it becomes a bone of contention for so many reasons. Controlling the glucose is key to a long healthy happy life and yet so much of what we eat does the opposite to the blood sugar. Does that mean diabetics have to eat awful, tasteless “diabetic” food? NO!! No no no.

Enter our team with a meal created and crafted especially for this first occasion (and more to follow), “tested” in situ by real diabetics who tested both sugars and the actual experience of the class.

We are so excited to offer this concept to not only diabetics (though this is our starting point) but also for weight loss, general fatigue as well as other applications going forward. Eating is also about socialising, experiencing different things, tastes and emotions.

Thanks so so much to Tanya for all your research and perfecting (and I mean perfecting) this divine meal that has allowed minds and taste buds to open. Thanks to Fran for succinctly detailing information about carbohydrates and improving the process of understanding on a daily basis that is able to transform glucose levels and lives.cookingclass

Diabetology in practice “treat” your pancreas today

You are invited to our very first unique demonstration/interactive cooking “master” class. It will be held on wednesday the 20 th of January 2016 at 12 pm – 230 pm.

“Class” includes interactive demo of exactly how to cook a delicious meal that you then can easily replicate at home (including very detailed recipes) as well as “tasters” from a known range of meals available and diabetic friendly. You then get to eat the heavenly spoils whilst our dietician goes through the basics of carbohydrate dos/don’ts whats and what not too”s” etc, the nitty gritty of carbs for type 2 diabetics. You will get to test your sugar before and after and “see” the effect on your blood sugar.

Just a note for couples, as this is a first we are allowing couples to “share” lunch and pay for one instead of 2. This policy may not be feasible to continue but please make use of it whilst we are offering it.

Booking is essential : 033 343 2243

The following week’s “class” will focus on type 1 diabetics, carb counting as well as working out the exactly correct “dose” of insulin for that meal.food2

It’s in the detail

Type 1 diabetes is a diagnosis that rocks most families and patients and affects the entire family dynamic for the rest of the patient’s life. It’s affect is minute to minute and second to second and quality of life is a very key thing that gets given a good shaking up – of all affected.

Have you ever had a drop in sugar? How did it make you feel? Can you imagine going from high to low like a rollercoaster most days? That is what some patient’s face. Hard for the patient, harder still for the parent/care-taker.

For some people the term “brittle” diabetes is a swear word and does not exist, for some people it is an excuse to run their sugars all over the show. For me the truth is somewhere inbetween.

Certainly in my experience there are definitley patients who are more sensitive to insulin and in tiny alliqots than other patients, especially children, women at different times of cycle/states of hormones etc. It becomes incredibly tricky to get the “dosing” right on 4 injections a day. The more sensitive one is to insulin the easier I find it to manage patients on an insulin pump. This will enable smaller doses, a 1/3 less of a total daily dose and easier titrations in these sensitive candidates.

Life after diagnosis is tricky and quality is key. Every minute and every second counts towards that. A roller coaster is no way to live. Rather a smoothie – nice even sugars, minimal variation and mostly at target makes for a happy patient.insulin pump