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Celebrate and live each minute

Our time on earth is limited by a number none of us know. The quality that we experience depends almost entirely on us – each one, in our own capacity.

Life is very short for some and interminably long for others. The enigma is that there is no way of knowing.

Where does that leave us each, individually?

Life is a strange bag of tricks and boils down to little more that about 40-60 years on average of a daily slog : waking, working, paying for things, sleeping. And yet it can be so much more. It can be.

It depends entirely on your own self. The quality of each minute. The minutes add up and create memories. But essentially if you are not present in the present and enjoying that very minute wholeheartedly it may be a wasted minute, hour, life.

I wish we knew in a way. The hours we each had and the moments that we should make count.

But we don’t.

Perhaps only when you lose a loved one do you re-evalute life on a minute to minute basis.

Today actually counts for more than you think and if you understand that in the realm of time and space we are each such a small inconsequent speck that may or may not live another day, surely it’s worth making this very minute worth it.

Sorrow and sadness fill my being for the loss of a life so huge at some moments and so full of the very essence of life. He lived indeed and took the time to make it special. I so hope that one day I will understand the reason we have a this life and a “death” or after life. I certainly don’t today.


Josef Pilates – unconventional response

I do just love the story of this man, born in Germany to a father of greek descent. He had “healthy” parents who got the flame kindled for what was to come. He was a sickly child with many obstacles to overcome and born into the world at a challenging time. He was a circus performer who toured England and somehow also got involved in training the scotland yard police in physical training.

When the war broke out he was “interned” on the isle of man due to being german (first world war). It was during this time that he helped prisoners of war who were bedridden to “exercise” by “creating” novel equipment so that they could exercise in bed.

He was a war hero and asked by the kaiser to train german troops but declined the offer and rather went across to America to start a new life (and not partake in world war 2).

In Manhatten he started a “contrology” studio in the same building as some dance studios and the rest is largely history.

I find it fascinating that someone dealt a fairly difficult hand of cards came up so trumps with this “new” form of exercise that now helps millions of people across the globe.

If you have not tried pilates do it today : mind body soul invigoration!

don’t just sit there – phone around, google and go

Diabetes “connect” – meet the team

Last chance to book for meet the team πŸ˜‰

WE will be available on the 15 March 2017 for any one interested to meet the team. We will serve a “healthy” treat and explain how we approach diabetes and chronic disease management from a team point of view.

Please do RSVP : 033 3431826

The event will kick off at 530 sharp and end at 630 and children are welcome – we will have some games in the garden for them.

Innate Diabetes Hilton is situated at 26 hilton avenue and we aim to provide a team for all your diabetes needs : GP with a diploma in diabetes and pump centre, dietician with a passion for diabetes, podiatrist, diabetes educator as well as the bonus of 2 beauticians who do a whole range of wonderful treatments. We also have and educational psychologist as well as a psychologist on site and a life coach who specialises in addictions and relationship difficulties.

Come and meet the team πŸ™‚

Nourish and flourish

A lovely home cooked meal that is diabetic friendly and low in carbs.

Chicken moussaka : divine tender chicken and bacon with aubergine smothered in a cheesy herbed sauce

Thai chicken curry : mild thai curry with julienne veggies in a coconut sauce

Melanzane Parmigiana : roast aubergine with a slow-cooked delicious tomato parmesan and mozzarella cheese sauce

Cottage Pie : savoury mince with creamy sweet potato and butternut mash

singles, doubles and 4 portions available in store : 26 hilton avenue


Eat healthy live long and well!


Diabetes – the future

With great excitement I look forward to 2016 and new developments in Diabetes worldwide and in South Africa. We are delighted to be adding to this offering a multi-disciplinary and integrated medicine approach right here at 26 Hilton avenue in January 2016.

As a team of health care practitioners we firmly believe that diabetes requires the skill of a multi-disciplinary team that targets the diabetes disease from all angles, all organs as well as from head to toe. We will be providing this range of care in very specialised packages (or as individual consults) targeting : pre diabetes, type 2 and type 1 in a very specific to disease fashion. We also aim to cover women’s health issues in the same fashion as well as patients who are just generally performing below par.

In terms of what is available to diabetics in 2016 : brand new medicines, combinations of medicines, new strategies which combine using techology with your health care practitioners for closer and more meaningful follow-up, new pump therapy, possibly islet cell transplant roll out mostly overseas but keep your eyes peeled for this amazing “cure” for type 1.

As a team we promise to provide up to date care as well as treat each individual to target with a patient-centered plan with patient input as a major part of the strategy.

We will be partnering with some awesome chefs πŸ˜‰ and making diabetes your best friend.

Do you know that if you take care of your diabetes you will outlive and outlive in a healthy fashion your friend who is not diabetic?dex sensor


almost all above


SEbastian Sasseville, an inspirational diabetic


A “learned” response

How does one overcome adversity? I watched a brilliant little youtube clip by a guy with type 1 diabetes who has done incredible things and thanks his diabetes for his “gift” of “not being able to choose” the disease and having to learn how to cope.

What I loved most about his clip was the fact that he aims to ” have his favourite song playing” – you probably have Β to watch it to understand – but to be inspired on an ongoing basis. The “success” so to speak is shortlived and a moment, but the journey is where you “perform” and get swept up and sweep others up.

He tries to impart how to “dance” with your obstacle and yield in a sense and the power that then comes from that as opposed to fighting the diagnosis/obstacle.

IT’s inspirational and worth a watch., also on YOU tube : Sebastian Sasseville

SEbastian Sasseville, an inspirational diabetic

SEbastian Sasseville, an inspirational diabetic

How could this Not be inspiring ?

How could this Not be inspiring ?;)