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Derma pen -the science behind it

Derma pen now available at 26 hilton avenue. This is extremely exciting technology developed by skin care and aesthetic specialists that has multiple uses and excellent results.

Derma pen causes a controlled injury to the skin which then stimulates many excellent healing and smoothing effects. It can be used for wrinkles, blemishes, scars, acne, acne scars to stretch marks and hypo pigmentation and alopecia.

It is a “stamp” of vertical needles that initiate a micro injury in the dermis and epidermis and “trigger” a host of reactions in the skin that facilitate healing in many ways. It has far fewer side-effects than similar thermo/older abrasive techniques, less down time and a better general effect.

The effects particularly in the young skin with problems like acne scarring and pigmentation are extremely encouraging and beneficial as well as lasting. Literally a few treatments has a lasting effect.

It’s effect on wrinkles is also amazing in terms of a treatment that does not require a top up every 4-6 months. It could also be regarded as “more natural” than some other treatments.

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