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Single parenting – the rocky rollercoaster

Nothing, I repeat nothing I have ever ever done is as hard as parenting. Nothing even comes a sniff close to it.

Parenting is the challenge of my life.

Never have a felt more at sea, attempting to ride the most ridiculous surf out there as I have since birthing two girl children. Nothing ever prepared me for it and I believe there simply is no preparation.

Yes, it is indeed the delight of my life too.

But mostly it is hard hard work. Relentless and with very few breaks in the sets of waves that pound.

Two wills, two personalities, two sets of likes and dislikes. Two iron willed ladies.

One mom trying to work, mom, cook, teach, guide, model, passify, guide, did I say guide?

I believe I fail every single day. Every one.

Yes the joys too are incalculable.

And I would probably not swop it.

But, oh the fatigue I have is real.

My personal feeling is that two parents rising the ratio to 2 on 2 would really really help but my situation is not like that and I believe there are a lot of us singletons out there in the sea of waves. I am not complaining as such merely recognising that ideally a mom and a dad or at the least 2 present parents would be preferable in so many circumstance. Not even that my two dont have two parents I am more talking having them at the same time. It would ease things a tad. But probably it would still be the insurmountable challenge I experience it as.

I sit and wonder why I am so singularly poor at this challenge. Things that come to mind are : I am too hard on myself, I am wanting to be better and striving too hard, it would be easier 100 years ago, two strong wills is a tricky combination and adding my 3rd strong will makes it trickier still.

Anyway, I am hoping to learn to surf both in real life and in parenting and get the thrill of the ride as well as the occasional dump, rather than just being dumped as much as I am currently.

I live in hope.

Golimumab – yes I can’t say it either…

Hope for a diabetes TYPE1 cure? It really does seem promising in the trial. But I guess what I want to say is the theory here, it all unfortunately with science (or fortunately) is a puzzle we have to retrospectively solve and then build a plan forward.

So : Golimumab is a biological anti TNF alpha, let’s just say if you have an “auto-immune process” going on- like ? type 1 diabetes -where the own body destroys one of it’s organs by itself. And you are attempting to figure this out and either at onset or pre-onset stop this from happening. Then the golimumab trial is really a great show that there is indeed an auto-immune process and thank fully that this can attempt to be reversed.

I still think that this is a complicated explanation. But this is rather complicated science.

Only I am grateful to golimumab and it’s other friends – we have a host of these “molecules” and trials. There are many many scientists, doctors behind the scenes in labs and on the ground working around the worldwide clocks to achieve progress.

And that makes me smile, broadly.




Golimumab – hope ! 🙂

GLP-1 once weekly – Trulicity – truely a great piece of good news #trulicity

We now, even in south africa, have a once weekly GLP-1 injectable. That is to say you can inject once a week and get both good glucose control, positive effects on kidneys and heart as well as less risk of hypos. To clarify it is NOT insulin, it is an GLP-1 incretin mimetic.

It is still really quite cost limited and medical aids are not yet really coming to the party broadly.

However perhaps in the future it may be more affordable and also it may be more accessible re the med aids. This would be good news.

What is a GLP-1? An incretin mimetic. That is to say it is a drug that helps your bodies own physiology in terms of countering both high sugars as well as the poor glucagon response in diabetics.

Which ever way you too look at this – this is a great great bit of news for diabetics especially type 2 diabetics that are deteriorating- worsening sugars with poor effects on organs like kidneys and heart. If you have had type 2 diabetes for a long time and the high sugars have taken a toll on your organs – diabetes is a mulit-systemic train smash, then there is really really great benefit to be gotten. From my point of view why not use it early on and stay ahead of the train smash??? -just my 5 c worth 🙂

Diabetes is a massive problem. A massive problem. Arguably one of our biggest public health dilemmas. So yes a great piece of good news.


Just a caveat : type 2 diabetes (broadly) is very very preventable and turn-aroundable if caught early and major lifestyle changes implemented, we specialise in this :


We heal wounds …bioflex laser

No need for scalpels, amputations. Key is control sugar, bioflex laser, biweekly dressing with the correct dressing 🙂

0832898351 : book for Michelle bioflex laser 🙂

of Vaccines and plain lack of brains :(

We will get a vaccine for corona, our scientists are working around the clock -literally and at the end of the day will not become billionaires due to the discovery – that’s how science works.

Some governments will be able to access it and some wont – who knows how that all works – high level “fenoukery”.

Some folks will even disagree to have it. WEll folks- we can actaully do without your genes in the gene pool – so thanks you are helping the cause indirectly.

I am super tired of dumbness or even just sub-level intellect that gets expressed freely. In one way I wish to go back to the victorian era where most folks, like children should be seen and not heard.  A fantasy unfortunately. (Children on the other hand are full of wisdom and should be allowed to shout it from the roof tops as well as run freely and play).

My 5 cents worth on a monday in a strange time :).  There are folks with 10 c worth – I challenge them to sword fight with words with me 🙂



One tip for the day…or 5 ;)

How to keep in immune balance plus side of the equation?

1.) sleep 8 hours a night

2.) eat veggies !!! I recommend Mnandi cook book if you have excuses like : I can’t afford or it doesnt taste nice or fill me 🙂

3.) water -mense -water -none of us drink enough plain water -sip it throughout the day and you will be amanzi amazed

4.) exerise -get the blood flowing in a way that makes your heart happy – stay one step ahead of corona by actaully moving 🙂

5.) vit D, Vit c, selenium and zinc – they all boost that immunity -you can access from the sun and your mnandi diet or from tablets 🙂IMG-2580

I believe in Dance! :) true dance …

I don’t like labels either, but I do like to dance.

The world is on it’s head, I have been saying this for a while, and personally I believe through dance and expression in a reconciling way it could be right sided (or perhaps left sided but either way in a better orientation). I am also an optimist (there are one or two folks who say I am not -but rather chat to them yourselves to get their opinion).

We are sooo connected. So connected. And dance is a tangible way that plays out.

Let’s connect.

And you don’t need to be a prima ballerina or a completely-zen-perfect-move dancer. No, but dance, connect, breathe, move toward each other in peace and reconciliation.

The burning platform on a thursday is a frank dance. That I love. #cliffcentral

The daily work of many south africans who “ply”their trade in a progressive way too is a dance.

We have many many challenges on this front right now : being a hairdresser/beautician has a proper obstruction to their own dance.

Black lives matter- shoo a thorny one right now and yet, despite all the hypocritical (our government included) free grandstanding “virtuous” shoo! This has truely gone global and in many instances it is a peaceful productive dance. There is a lot that is thorny especially at a time of covid and this saddens me a lot. But I wont stop dancing, I wont. And quite frankly as a global collective what an opportunity to take hands despite our differences.

Accountability is key to me and in dance too.

Yes there are solo dances but the collective and duets are( in my mind) the dances that really move one-the dancer and the observer (so actually two at least and usually 3).

We are individuals on this planet right now, but yet we actually are connected from Chiina -as Trump calls it -to the amazon to the USA to the antartic. And personally dancing together with the rest of life on this planet is possible. Cooked in the head ? Maybe, but I am allowed to dream. And who knows…perhaps more people will start to dance.

Let’s dance 🙂



Technology and covid …

By now we are untangling data in regards to what has swept through the UK as regards covid and what we are seeing is a big great worry around diabetes and covid in that poorly controlled, “multi-morbid” -my own term- lots of co-morbidities : obesity, metabolic syndrome, age, dementia, etc is a red flag to the covid bull.

How can we move forward? By engaging technology. Knowledge is power and more so with diabetes and for me key even before covid was CGM. Accurate, on time, real time data that changes lives : quality and quantity and saves both lives and medical aids/governments money.


We have a lot of technology available but up to now it has been an uphill battle to get funders/governments to help roll it out.

Personally I don’t think there is a better time to rethink this situation than now. It’s about longterm outcomes and cost expenditure and getting a large group of the population – before the covid pandemic was the diabetes pandemic (the log graphs a lot of us have whined on about for ages -read back on this blog). Now it appears the two have merged. I hope I am not all doom and gloom but honestly there are many folk saying this is really the beginning?

Control of sugars is key in many regards but as regards covid it is super key.

#cgms #accuracy #numbers/knowledgesaveslives

We are connected, diverse and wonderful

Hi, shoo, we stand/sit here today in this world each individually and yet all of us humans breathing oxygen into our lungs and expelling carbon dioxide out. Lungs : the zone where corona causes the worst of it’s devastation (most organs are affected though in the severe cases).

But here we are and I am reminded of a poem I love :


And so to be children,

Growing younger into our humanity

Born between thorn and nail,

We must live now, here

Eyes wide amid the hurting;

Daring to find a love

Deep in the poison garden,

Learning our steps in the barefoot way

Dancing muddy into eternity

Patrick Hobbs

We are all muddy, we are all muddled. And yet, here we are, breathing. I agree with Gareth Cliff, what now? We must live now, here : figure this out gently, kindly and be a piece in the puzzle that engages on all it’s sides and reaches out to find that unique way to “engage”.

Let’s each individually figure out the way we “connect” with each other far and wide.

“Diversity of thought is the most valuable thing”-Gareth Cliff today.

Open your mind, like your lungs open every time you take a breath.

#goingforward #livenowpoison garden

#live #now #free #think

Deluge of deluded, devoid of common senses ness, happy crazy credentials

Where are we people ? As Suzelle – south africa’s brilliant voice on so many fronts might say. Where are we?

I kind of feel like I might be living in a pseudo universe right now. Not really sure what to make of reality and non-reality, and generally, it probably feels like that for many folk. This is a trying time whether you stand with Trump and guns in Michigan or Bolsonaro in Brazil eating his self-righteous sweet treats or Cyril in South africa walking the finest line between REALLY being there for HIS people both health wise and financially wise. Oh my lord where are we people? What is real and what is not.

There’s much I do not know. But let me tell you what I do know : the inflammatory cascade is a process that can happen triggered by multiple things including corona virus (there are other things that doctors learn long and hard about) and yes you all seem to be cleverly discovering this thing (out of context mind you) and propounding philosophy like there’s no tomorrow -which right now is a thing no-one is guaranteed of. Ventilators are not the only answer so to speak I agree, ICU care involves quite a lot more than just ventilating. And please help us God when the average man on the street “discovers” then next “medical revelation” and tries to “help” as a spouting fountain of knowledge, it will come, I doubt it not.

Suzelle generally sticks to DIY and expands it in a way that helps humanity almost always a value add.

People at large, let’s value add right now. What do YOU do? Do that and value add. Please, because YOU can people. Because you CAN.

#Suzelle #commonsense #whatcanyoudosuzelle


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