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Confusion,covid, Diabetes : CONTROL :) it really DOES make a difference

Bottom line at the time of covid. Sugars above 10mmol/l is DANGEROUS. That means to say if you generally have sugars above 10 when you check YOU WANT TO CHANGE THIS.

Sugars above 10 generally (regardless of type) is a danger red flag to the bull of COVID.

Especially in south africa we seem to have been lulled into a sense of “well we are going to be ok”, somehow because we prayed on sunday God is going to “love” us more??????

People, mense, sorry. Sor, it’s coming.

So what can you do as a diabetic? You can get control – aim for sugars between 4-8. Low sugars also have poorer outcomes. What does poorer outcomes mean? Part of poorer outcomes is death. 😦

1.) Eat healthily – cut the carbs

2.) Eat locally sourced plant based diet in the main – see Mnandi 🙂 cookbook

3.) make sure you are on OPTIMAL MEDS 🙂

4.) monitor your sugars a bit more than you normally would

5.) If you are UNCONTROLLED don’t go back to work please and also not to the mall please

Always available to help with this process

6.) Also I have seen a LOT more depression lately – check your mental health – ones body is : mind, body , spirit and all must be healthy to fight a virus/bug/bad time 🙂

7.) smile and be nice – be cause YOU can people 🙂

Technology and covid …

By now we are untangling data in regards to what has swept through the UK as regards covid and what we are seeing is a big great worry around diabetes and covid in that poorly controlled, “multi-morbid” -my own term- lots of co-morbidities : obesity, metabolic syndrome, age, dementia, etc is a red flag to the covid bull.

How can we move forward? By engaging technology. Knowledge is power and more so with diabetes and for me key even before covid was CGM. Accurate, on time, real time data that changes lives : quality and quantity and saves both lives and medical aids/governments money.


We have a lot of technology available but up to now it has been an uphill battle to get funders/governments to help roll it out.

Personally I don’t think there is a better time to rethink this situation than now. It’s about longterm outcomes and cost expenditure and getting a large group of the population – before the covid pandemic was the diabetes pandemic (the log graphs a lot of us have whined on about for ages -read back on this blog). Now it appears the two have merged. I hope I am not all doom and gloom but honestly there are many folk saying this is really the beginning?

Control of sugars is key in many regards but as regards covid it is super key.

#cgms #accuracy #numbers/knowledgesaveslives

Sunday is a fun day :), but today is monday :):)

Today is sunday and it is a sunny day. We are still in quarantine and not much makes sense. I have just listened to the premier of kzn and wonder wow : there’s good, there’s bad there’s crazy but on the whole, I am grateful.

And maybe I am in the class/shape/ form of luckiness at this point and generally? But it is also a choice. One of my favourite books : The choice by Edith Eger. My favourite comedian by far at the moment : Schalk Bezuidenhout (v#k) I love him. He makes my day daily. Go Schalk you honestly have the gift of the gab and you MUST keep going, please.

Listening to LM radio – because mense they play good music and they don’t talk kak.

Sun is shining.  My house that I moved into one week before lock down rocks so much. I am in love with my house in dabchick road. Have you ever looked at a dabchick? I only did cos of my road, you know, little grebe it’s also called. Striking bird.

Don’t hate me but I have just had a sip of dry white, it’s a skill, don’t hate me.

I am doing “therapy” at the moment it includes : trying to draw selfies, yes, it’s very much of trying. But so very therapeutic. Also growing veggies – an array – and they are actually growing. Which is testament to the soil- this soil here by me- is pristine grassland and been untouched for many years- at least the length I owned the land- 13 years odd. But I happen to know for longer and this is a grassland and we MUST get our soil to get better. That was told to me yesterday by a dear friend and echoed in the thought of many earth lovers.

Read my really great guru’s rant on facebook earlier and it echoed my own fears re this covid : Adalbert Ernst – a man of many many talents. He is an aneasthetist amongst many talents but I empathise with his fear today and perhaps that’s why I draw my selfie extra hard. Like in my dream last night I worked extra hard – to try and kill corona. And all the bad things in this world: poverty, diabetes, hunger, impoverishtness, living in “poverty”, cruelty, harhness, intellectual bankruptcy. Once upon a long time ago Adalbert was pharoah and I was a “narrator” in a play at unicorn primary shcool in Tzaneen. #shoutouttounicorn

Do we all suffer for our sanity?

This blog too, a therapy of words.

Anyway, it’s sunny, it’s a day and I am grateful. Full of gratefulness actually despite it being 2020 and a pandemic. It’s a choice. One day at a time. Do what I can to make earth better and humanity more healed.

#kzn #schalkbezuidenhout #editheger #LMradio #covid

Also – eat less carbs – especially the simple ones, breathe deeply daily – it’s healthy for you, take your HEAlth seriously, be KIND…




Deluge of deluded, devoid of common senses ness, happy crazy credentials

Where are we people ? As Suzelle – south africa’s brilliant voice on so many fronts might say. Where are we?

I kind of feel like I might be living in a pseudo universe right now. Not really sure what to make of reality and non-reality, and generally, it probably feels like that for many folk. This is a trying time whether you stand with Trump and guns in Michigan or Bolsonaro in Brazil eating his self-righteous sweet treats or Cyril in South africa walking the finest line between REALLY being there for HIS people both health wise and financially wise. Oh my lord where are we people? What is real and what is not.

There’s much I do not know. But let me tell you what I do know : the inflammatory cascade is a process that can happen triggered by multiple things including corona virus (there are other things that doctors learn long and hard about) and yes you all seem to be cleverly discovering this thing (out of context mind you) and propounding philosophy like there’s no tomorrow -which right now is a thing no-one is guaranteed of. Ventilators are not the only answer so to speak I agree, ICU care involves quite a lot more than just ventilating. And please help us God when the average man on the street “discovers” then next “medical revelation” and tries to “help” as a spouting fountain of knowledge, it will come, I doubt it not.

Suzelle generally sticks to DIY and expands it in a way that helps humanity almost always a value add.

People at large, let’s value add right now. What do YOU do? Do that and value add. Please, because YOU can people. Because you CAN.

#Suzelle #commonsense #whatcanyoudosuzelle


Abuse at this time -a way out

It is a great burden and a sadness that at this time during lockdown the “opportunity” for abuse in many ways is just too easy for the picking on the side of the abuser. To this end the “abused” in many many cases has very little access to “sanctuary”.

I was reading a great article last night and it resonated in so many ways in terms of making each one of us, individually and collectively at this point in time a little bit more “bullet proof” and “protected” in the midst of very little “protection”.

The “just” of it being 1.) recognise the “feelings” of : helplessness, anxiety, depression as SIGNALS that are screaming to us to do something. Not what society up to now has expounded that you are : weak, pathetic, not strong enough, rather that that feeling is a signal to YOU, precious one, that actually You can STAND up and even lying down YOU have a voice, a right, an access to bridging the gap between poor mental health and strong mental health.

2.) when one feels that one does not have “agency” ie things are all lost and nothing can get better, hopelessness in a sense, it is a very hard and terrifying place to be.

3.) That is why recognising the “vulnerability” for what it is is so vital and not giving that power. But stopping that vast chasm of no agency feeling in its tracks – and only the INDIVIDUAL in their MIND can do that.

4.) REcongnise that even in this time there are THINGS you can do, starting small. REaching out perhaps now is even a little easier as long as you have internet or a way to phone or even reach out to a neighbour. Take small positive steps.

5.) The resources for those who have access to them are literally endless on the internet.

6.) For those that don’t : start by getting “out of your mind” flick the switch by running around a chair or your house, reading a poem, literally thinking out of your normal box and grasping onto a positive thought, image or smell even.

7.) AVailbable too : most doctors are doing telephonic consults at this time as are psychologists and other health practioners, churches have pastors available on the other end of a phone, if needed the police are available and I would say if your situation requires it keep pressing on that button until you are indeed helped. The security “saints” independant security companies are very present right now and have been both kind and amazing during this time.

Update 7-4-2020 …corona!

I have been asked a lot do I need a script for the flu vaccine? I got confirmation today that you do not. The vaccine is now available and should be available from pharmacies across the country. It is wise to have it. NOT that it prevents corona BUT if you get both the influenza (current 4 strains) and corona – well let’s just say you would rather only have one at a time as seeing as we HAVE a vaccine for the flu it makes logical sense that this is a great thing to have right now.

And I do hope those anti-vaxxers get it now.

Secondly, there is research to say that the death rate is higher amongst men and speculation right now is associated with 1.) gut biome 2.) smoking and drinking 3.)less hand washing – these three things MEN can actually do something about – probiotics, nil of no 2 and more of number 3 🙂

The crown of it all…

Corona or crown is a virus we know – common cold virus. Yes it has mutated to be the novel corona virus indeed and yes the origin seems to be china and we all travel wildly across the globe so yes it’s going to spread – droplet spread – NOT AIRBORNE.

If we had this much energy and gutzpa thrown at actual causes in south africa that CAN be solved : pick one : TB, MDR TB, continual infection of HIV (ie new infections), lets see, rape, murder, poverty ??? we honestly could be a really really strong country and the head of Africa in terms of economy and in every other respect.

Keep your pants on. It is paramount that you wash your hands well. That you breathe deeply and calmly and use this pent up energy to a good cause in your immediate influence.

There are numerous beautiful videos of what it looks like, how it transmits -watch them.

At this point the NICD are concentrating on FIRST degree contacts – ie have you had contact with the first case in hilton. THey are advising that we “calm” the second degree and further removed contacts down and REASSURE them. Easier said than done.

THis is probably not the end of the world. Do I think a virus may “take” us all one day. Yes it is quite likely. Do I think the crown is it? I do not.

Up to now it has been dealt with perfectly in hilton and cudos to all who have been involved. Only time will tell the greater outcome but most importantly, if you have been tested for corona virus – self quaranteen and wash hands etc. Otherwise be respectful of people generally not just now in a crisis always. Always dont judge and condemn. Always.

As my children said this morning stay 2 minutes away from everybody 🙂

And sing happy birthday a lot :):):):)


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