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Diabetes and the holidays …

So I have blogged about this before, but they are upon us now.

What should you be doing/not doing or doing differently during the holidays.

We all know that glucose control is one way in the week and quite a different way on the weekend and holidays. This is partly because we are human and life is well just not always easy and letting your hair down usually goes with a bit of alcohol (if you are old enough) and a bit of cheating (dare I say it).

So all things considered, where does this leave you with your diabetes?

Consider it. Be mindful of it. Carb count it. Accurately.

With the holidays come a little bit of time – that we don’t usually have. Choose to exercise – must be something you love. Be creative. Horse ride or bike ride or dance!

Factor the exercise in. IF you are not sure how to do this, consult someone. Even if you are on holiday – trust me most of us (health care folk) are at work : dieticians, GP’s, nurse educators etc.

Don’t just go ape on yourself. It’s so much harder to get back the lost ground.

Enjoy yourself but be fair about it. Restraint is required.

Give yourself a Christmas present of being present more often. This will carry through to the new year and be a wonderful asset.

Top sites that I feel are invaluable : – south african ,excellent for carb counting and so much more!, pinterest has awesome pictograms of diabetes.

Feel free to share your best app, resource with me.

Merry Christmas.

Continous monitoring and Christmas

So a lot of people wrongly assume that diabetics are not allowed sugar. Yes sugar in high doses is not great, yes it would be a better choice to make by eating something that does not have sugar in it, but to say that diabetics are never allowed sugar is to say that you do not understand how insulin works.

Diabetics and non-diabetics “process” sugar every day, every minute. The difference is that a type 1 (or insulin dependant) diabetic has no intrinsic insulin of their own, they have to match the “dose” of sugar/carb ingested to a dose of insulin injected in order to “mop-up” or get the glucose molecule into he cell (that needs the glucose).

So around Christmas and parties in general type 1’s can also join the fare, but in moderation and with wisdom. There are also so many clever recipes now making lovely eats but with far fewer carbs/straight sugar in them. Equally delicious and require less insulin in order not to overshoot to a high reading.

I am more than willing to answer questions regarding Christmas carbs and how to dose to match your carb intake with your insulin dose as is the innate team Рcontact us via :

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