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Morning coffee…coveve?

clean houseRemeber Trump’s coveve moment. Well me dearies this new bleach moment is a new high is it not. What a narcissist. My goodness gracious me. Oh my word, there are none : words.



I am so sorry America. Really I am because there are a lot of might fine folks in the USA who simply don’t deserve someone who is almost oblivious to the deaths.

On the other hand we have both a gentleman and a saint right now heading our government. What a relief.

At this time, surely people need to go inside and clean out all the shit? Right? Or have I really gone mad?

Surely this is the time where we HAVE to take hands (a metaphor) and help each other IN TRUTH. And only Truth. No more bullshit.


Maybe I have gone mad, but that’s my choice right now. Do what I can each day, clean out my inside house and take it hour by hour.

Continous monitoring and Christmas

So a lot of people wrongly assume that diabetics are not allowed sugar. Yes sugar in high doses is not great, yes it would be a better choice to make by eating something that does not have sugar in it, but to say that diabetics are never allowed sugar is to say that you do not understand how insulin works.

Diabetics and non-diabetics “process” sugar every day, every minute. The difference is that a type 1 (or insulin dependant) diabetic has no intrinsic insulin of their own, they have to match the “dose” of sugar/carb ingested to a dose of insulin injected in order to “mop-up” or get the glucose molecule into he cell (that needs the glucose).

So around Christmas and parties in general type 1’s can also join the fare, but in moderation and with wisdom. There are also so many clever recipes now making lovely eats but with far fewer carbs/straight sugar in them. Equally delicious and require less insulin in order not to overshoot to a high reading.

I am more than willing to answer questions regarding Christmas carbs and how to dose to match your carb intake with your insulin dose as is the innate team Рcontact us via :

The tale of a mermaid

I am not a baker or beautifier of cakes, it just never has been my strong suite and I have a great propensity for flopping baking. I do have a handicap in terms of an oven. So when my soon to be 4 year old was “needing” a mermaid cake and both the bakers I usually rely on – my mother in law and my sister – both super competent at an international level, were not available I had to muster all the courage I had and proceed.

I found a foolproof sponge recipe – Delia Smith says you can not flop this. Well Delia has not met me or my oven. It looked lobsided and burnt on the edges and I thought well here we go again. Almost sobbed on my 4 year old’s behalf.

I work so into the freezer the cake went looking fairly forlorn. We travelled to the beach for the weekend so frozen it stayed and into the beach freezer.

Sunday morning dawned and I put on my big girl pants, woke up early and took the flat lopsided “clay” to be moulded out.

Mixing coloured icing was something that I thought would be easy, but the stuff kept curdling. Beat beat, mix mix, curdle curdle. Cutting the shapes using my trustworthy iPhone photo on pinterest went easily – I so should have been a surgeon. Next I started icing the lady mermaid and making her look as if she was happily playing in the waves. I managed to surprise myself and all the children. Delight!

Tale of a mermaid

Tale of a mermaid

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