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Josef Pilates – unconventional response

I do just love the story of this man, born in Germany to a father of greek descent. He had “healthy” parents who got the flame kindled for what was to come. He was a sickly child with many obstacles to overcome and born into the world at a challenging time. He was a circus performer who toured England and somehow also got involved in training the scotland yard police in physical training.

When the war broke out he was “interned” on the isle of man due to being german (first world war). It was during this time that he helped prisoners of war who were bedridden to “exercise” by “creating” novel equipment so that they could exercise in bed.

He was a war hero and asked by the kaiser to train german troops but declined the offer and rather went across to America to start a new life (and not partake in world war 2).

In Manhatten he started a “contrology” studio in the same building as some dance studios and the rest is largely history.

I find it fascinating that someone dealt a fairly difficult hand of cards came up so trumps with this “new” form of exercise that now helps millions of people across the globe.

If you have not tried pilates do it today : mind body soul invigoration!

don’t just sit there – phone around, google and go

Does “knowing your number” matter?

Oh yes definitely ! There is indeed a HUGE difference between a 10 on its way up and a 10 on its way down. For 10 on its way up depending on where you are meal time wise you need more insulin. For a 10 on its way down you would approach “fixing” it quite differently.

The same goes for a 3 on its way up and a 3 on its way down!

Continous monitoring affords one the “luxury” of “learning” your diabetes and understanding your individual response to certain situations and conditions without over or under correcting (once you learn to do this properly).

Anyone with type 1 themselves or a type 1 child will know the absolute helplessness you feel when you/your little one goes low or runs high.

In my personal opinion 4-6 injections with 4-6 finger sticks is such a “patchy” way of dealing with diabetes.

It’s 2016 and we have options !!

WE have pump therapy with and without continuous monitoring, we have continuous monitoring ! this has revolutionised care and quality of life of patients.

And now (drum roll) we have on the horizon non-invasive (i.e. not sore no prick) continuous monitoring !!! arriving sometime later this year – this is truly revolutionary.

Yes knowing your number is important. It not only adds quality to your life but gives loved ones the peace of mind they need.sugarbeat2sugarbeat

My passion for pumps !

I just can not put into real words how passionate I am about insulin pump therapy. I mean why not? Don’t you (as a physician) always want what is closest to human physiology (when that is what is gone)? Don’t you always want the absolute best available treatment on the market for someone whose organ has stopped functioning? Don’t we do heart and kidney transplants for those whose hearts and kidneys have failed??

Do we really think that 4 injections a day can even vaguely “mimic” a very  very complex physiology? Really???

Shoo ! If we do then I think we have put our brains to sleep.

My little often says to me – “how did God make the flowers mommy? “, ” how did God make the cars?” ” How did God make humans?” How did God make trees? ” I think you can see where this is going, it sure is complex.

And then we have the audacity to say that 4 injections can match eating, exercising, being, sleeping, illness, need I go on??

I am sorry but as a thinking human I beg to differ.

It is complex.

For this simple reason I shall continue to be almost militaristic in pursuit of the best case scenario for my patients and in type 1 diabetes pumps are it for the moment, (Until we get the artificial pancreas or the implantable one).

Simple really. Life is really too short to be on old-fashioned treatment when you have a disease like diabetes. Quality of life is king 🙂 Add to this a genteel tester – painless pricking and you are on a very good wicket.


Inspiration for a monday

I watched the movie “Jobs” last night and what a lovely surprise. First of all that Ashton Kutcher is actually able to act and secondly that I did not know the story of this remarkable man who did indeed change the world for the better on a very large scale.

The persecution he endured??


The arrogance of the corporate world at large is flabbergasting and to a degree greatly deeply disturbing in terms of our progress as humanity in all fields.

Despite multiple set backs and criticism though Steve Jobs did manage to change the world. I am possibly one of the world’s biggest mac fans so I think I am biased, BUT, look at how once again the other companies have copied a lot of what he was trying to say – and he was saying it in 1984!!! A long time ago.

The other thing that struck me was the long time frame that it did take to go from idea to a concrete product as we know it.

As for the shares – they speak for themselves. Fickle a concept as that is though. Yet so targeted and narrow-mindedly from a corporate point.

It was a great movie to watch and comprehend.

Life simply is not simple. Our greatest minds it seems are only truly appreciated once no longer with us.

The lesson for me is this : believe in your own ideas and do not let other people crush them. The will criticise them and so be it – do NOT let this stop you. It seems that the vast majority of people are not visionaries and like to stick to the narrow confines of parameters that they hold on to despite a visionary  idea. Your break will come, albeit many years that may pass in-between. Don’t ever give up on yourself of your ideas.

A journey full of criticism and hard knocks,yet he changed the world

A journey full of criticism and hard knocks,yet he changed the world


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