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The “badness” of hypos

So common theme – child faints at school and the staff ask did you eat breakfast. Why?

Because hypoglycemia is common. Common things happen commonly. Kids especially have brains that “chow” sugar. In other words a child’s brain is glucose hungry and thus the need to feed food that keeps blood glucose levels constant, not spiking and dipping, but a constant availability of glucose for all cells but brain hungry cells especially.

How much more so is the problem in a type 1 diabetic whose “automatic” controls and back up systems have failed altogether.

Hypos -ARE BAD!

Hypoglycmia – low sugar is really bad for you and for this reason the bodies alarm bells go off properly when your sugars are dropping or go very low and the possible end result is loss of consciousness or death.

YEs, death.

So when I write motivation after motivation as if my words have magic power and attempt to explain to a fellow colleague who should know these things and have to re-explain why multiples hypos are BAD. That’s what I mean they are bad in so many ways but the death way really pertinent.

The only real way to get good “time in range” in type 1 diabetes is with a pump and an accurate CGMS – continuous glucose monitoring.

In my opinion this should be standard care. Before the funders have apoplexy. It saves lives, it saves complications and many downstream costs. But that’s just my opinion.

But mostly if I had a type 1 child I would not be able to rest easy without such a system. Finish and klaar.

2020 – a new year for diabetes

I really like the sound of 2020 and we are at the cusp of really exciting things especially for type 1 diabetes and closed loop technology. Eventually.

Yes it has taken quite long to get here partly because it is a really big and honourus challenge going closed loop. But seeing as 2020 has 2 loops that’s double the looping chance of looping becoming more sustainable.

That thought also makes me super happy. Mainly so that patients who previously had to prick fingers 6-10 x a day and inject 4-6 times a day can now really focus on what the rest of us focus on – living life unencumbered.

So let it be the year of accurate CGMS and flawless looping.

Wound healing

Diabetic leg ulcer – we took it from first photo to second in 5 weeks – controlling sugars and using laser (bioflex)laser ….0832898351 2 QUarry road @the ELlenbird Hilton

2020 a great year to come…

It’s a round number, it’s an even number, it’s balanced and it already feels great !

HEre’s to a wonderful and blessed 2020.

Goals : see more diabetes patients who are uncontrolled and help them gain control and extend their lives with quality.

In the shortterm a little probono trip to Zithulele hospital to do cataract surgeries : sutureless extracaps …Yay!

May your year be a wonderful one.


Tango, times and tis the season soon to be the new year :) tango the fastest growing art form in the world :)

The Tango is a dance, it is much like life. There is a tension between partners and to dance well together there must be enough traction and count-traction to enable almost a perfect leaning into one another not too little and not too much, just enough to “know” where each other is and for each partner to be able to subtly sign to the other a move, subtle, gentle, moving a feather but it moves willingly.

It’s beautiful really and how all communication should be – in tune, harmonious.

For this reason when you really tango it is a healing dance.

It touches places that other things in life don’t reach the tango does.

The posture is one of leaning, much like the Song of Solomon leaning in of lovers. And yet the tango can be danced with any partner. It is not so much about sex as it is about intimacy and respect of the heart space.

The invitation to move a certain way is made by either partner and it is gentle and a hint. The actual movement can be accepted or an attempt be made to change it and this is a conversation of connectedness and respect. A little bit flirtatious as times but very proper. Passionate sometimes. But boundaries are strict. Or shall we say firm.

The relationship is also much like Christ in history and people at large. If you don’t lean in you will not be privy to the mystery. And the leaning is not a depending. It is more of a deep understanding once you can get there. It can take a while. Or it can just never happen for you or a massive wide door can open. And I am not advocating religion here at all, more a deep understanding of life at large.

Choice is the key and moving to a beat is the learned dance. Life is short, tango rather.dancekids3

Touch me on my tango 😉







South african princesses and princes …

We are an amazing country despite all the trials and tribulations, the load shedding, life shedding, corruption breeding filth, rises our spirit in many forms : rugby world cup and a true price of a leader, multiple other wins this year and now a princess : genuine, herself, real, true, hardy and beautiful inside and out -it shines for all the world to see.

We have so many : Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Karen Zoid, Johnny Clegg, Madiba, Ben Gaunt, you and me …a rainbow of endless hope, joy and most of all feistiness.

Be inspired by these average south african humans who elevate us and cheer us each individually on in this day, a new day and a bright future – south africa OUR land.

A friday kind of poem

An AFrican Feast

The sun sets golden

the harvested hay bales fill

the amber air with hues

of hazelnut


it’s rich , it’s amber coloured

temperature too

you can drink the amarula in

you can spiral tranquil lose

yourself within

the ivory carved moon rises east- an AFrican Feast

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