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Where is the grace?in this godless mess…

I believe in Grace

I believe in God breaking into despair, I do.

What I see a lot of currently is graceless living and brainless living.

I see it in big and small ways and both are equally distressing.

I see it in corporate as well as in families and it pains me.

Yet, there must be a sunrise of glorious beautiful GRACE…

I must believe this, else we are done for. And may as well give up right this minute.

I care not for the words of a president, though a president yet presides by the will of God.

Yes, no?

It’s a bit of a mystery and I love the mystics.

But, YES grace, yes GRACE

She speaks mystically and eternally and softly and loudly but altogether in mystic opacity mostly.

Gems amongst us missed by most, as brains doth only done certain few.

and YEt ! many are gifted to see.


Elisabeth Eybers —south africa !

newday Herinnering – memories…

This women, mense, and her amazing lyrical way with afrikaans language

As kind het ‘k eens die maan se ronde skyf langsaam sien uitswel bo die silwer vlei om saggies soos ‘n seepbel weg te dryf en tussen yl popliere in te gly. Agter my in die donker was ‘n raam vol lig en mensestemme en gelag en ín my angs en weekheid sonder naam terwyl ek op die maan se loskom wag. Die res is alles duister en verward… Van tak tot tak het hy gewieg… ek weet nog net dat die gekneusde gras se geur soos naeltjies was en dat ek skielik seer- gekry het van die inkrimp van my hart en met my pols die trane weggevee’t.

As a child

I saw the moon – swell out, like a round disc , a giant orb,

above the silver lake

to softly, soap-“bell” like, drift and slide between poplars trees

behind me : in the dark, there was a frame of light and voices and laughing and in my unnamed/unidentified anxiety and vulnerablitility  I waited for the loosening (the shearing) of the moon, rising (escaping)

The rest is confused and obscure

from branch to branch – the moon rocked, rolled, lolled

I only know that the bruised grass smelt like cloves

and that I was suddenly sore from “heart shrink” pain, and wiped away the tear with  the tender part of my wrist

One tip for the day…or 5 ;)

How to keep in immune balance plus side of the equation?

1.) sleep 8 hours a night

2.) eat veggies !!! I recommend Mnandi cook book if you have excuses like : I can’t afford or it doesnt taste nice or fill me 🙂

3.) water -mense -water -none of us drink enough plain water -sip it throughout the day and you will be amanzi amazed

4.) exerise -get the blood flowing in a way that makes your heart happy – stay one step ahead of corona by actaully moving 🙂

5.) vit D, Vit c, selenium and zinc – they all boost that immunity -you can access from the sun and your mnandi diet or from tablets 🙂IMG-2580

I believe in Dance! :)

via I believe in Dance! 🙂

I believe in women!/heat


Just a quick one, period pain ? What works : anti-inflam : pick one : nurofen or ponstan make sure you take it on a FULL tummy (ie a good meal that you have eaten) and then a thermacare heat pad over the lower back – 3 days in a row preferably.

It works – you are welcome to email me for patient details for testimonies 🙂


#anti-inflamm with a painkiller like napacod or similar

#period pain



I believe in Dance! :) true dance …

I don’t like labels either, but I do like to dance.

The world is on it’s head, I have been saying this for a while, and personally I believe through dance and expression in a reconciling way it could be right sided (or perhaps left sided but either way in a better orientation). I am also an optimist (there are one or two folks who say I am not -but rather chat to them yourselves to get their opinion).

We are sooo connected. So connected. And dance is a tangible way that plays out.

Let’s connect.

And you don’t need to be a prima ballerina or a completely-zen-perfect-move dancer. No, but dance, connect, breathe, move toward each other in peace and reconciliation.

The burning platform on a thursday is a frank dance. That I love. #cliffcentral

The daily work of many south africans who “ply”their trade in a progressive way too is a dance.

We have many many challenges on this front right now : being a hairdresser/beautician has a proper obstruction to their own dance.

Black lives matter- shoo a thorny one right now and yet, despite all the hypocritical (our government included) free grandstanding “virtuous” shoo! This has truely gone global and in many instances it is a peaceful productive dance. There is a lot that is thorny especially at a time of covid and this saddens me a lot. But I wont stop dancing, I wont. And quite frankly as a global collective what an opportunity to take hands despite our differences.

Accountability is key to me and in dance too.

Yes there are solo dances but the collective and duets are( in my mind) the dances that really move one-the dancer and the observer (so actually two at least and usually 3).

We are individuals on this planet right now, but yet we actually are connected from Chiina -as Trump calls it -to the amazon to the USA to the antartic. And personally dancing together with the rest of life on this planet is possible. Cooked in the head ? Maybe, but I am allowed to dream. And who knows…perhaps more people will start to dance.

Let’s dance 🙂



The year of Jumanji!

MOnday today? If I am not mistaken, easy to be mistaken right now in the year of jumanji. Or am I alone in my dis-orientation.

The strawberry moon was marvelous. Marverlous darling.

And yet! The year of jumani -ahgahst face emoji – I have just heard they may ban alcohol again. Wait what!!!!!



Does no-one understand what it’s like to be a single-mom right now, with a job, a self-employed one??


I know all about public health and the greater good-but shoo, shoo, shoo. Ag-nee, maat, really???

Schalk-let’s just say you and me bra, I will need your humour daily to get through this year. Thank you for being YOU.

Also thanks to Cliff Central and the team -okes without you the year of jumanji would be mentally unbearable, hearing your voices that are lucid and clever get me through each day.


Also to : other south african heros I love : Karen zoid, her band, her show on showmax/kyknet : zoid afrika, all the heroes she has had on her show-mamma afrika Yvonne Chaka Chaka, being south african, resolute, against racism, for diversity and africa AFRIKA!

Shout out to family of Afrika all over the world who know warm golden sunsets and warmth and love and joy and the joy rising in an african sense, the glow, the after-glow, the passion, the power, PJ-Powers (also interviewed on zoid afrika), the comedy (Schalk…) the humour, the talent ag man I could wax lyrical : Evita !! and and and and and…

and … in the longest run …we have to live here now, deep in the poison garden, learning our steps in the barefoot way, dancing, muddy (Patrick Hobbs).

It’s all a choice, choose to live (albeit it muddy) choose to dance (albeit off the beat) but choose kindness, affirmation, rejoicing and dancing, or don’t.


#Schalkbezuidenhoutmyresue #Cliffcentralmysanity #southafricanheros

Confusion,covid, Diabetes : CONTROL :) it really DOES make a difference

Bottom line at the time of covid. Sugars above 10mmol/l is DANGEROUS. That means to say if you generally have sugars above 10 when you check YOU WANT TO CHANGE THIS.

Sugars above 10 generally (regardless of type) is a danger red flag to the bull of COVID.

Especially in south africa we seem to have been lulled into a sense of “well we are going to be ok”, somehow because we prayed on sunday God is going to “love” us more??????

People, mense, sorry. Sor, it’s coming.

So what can you do as a diabetic? You can get control – aim for sugars between 4-8. Low sugars also have poorer outcomes. What does poorer outcomes mean? Part of poorer outcomes is death. 😦

1.) Eat healthily – cut the carbs

2.) Eat locally sourced plant based diet in the main – see Mnandi 🙂 cookbook

3.) make sure you are on OPTIMAL MEDS 🙂

4.) monitor your sugars a bit more than you normally would

5.) If you are UNCONTROLLED don’t go back to work please and also not to the mall please

Always available to help with this process

6.) Also I have seen a LOT more depression lately – check your mental health – ones body is : mind, body , spirit and all must be healthy to fight a virus/bug/bad time 🙂

7.) smile and be nice – be cause YOU can people 🙂

Monday…June…bright light

via Monday…June…bright light

Rainbow nation : rainbow food, cut diabetes type 2 in half -it’s doable

Can you even believe you got here human? Yes you. WE have all collectively and individually been through a lot since March – which feels at least 10 years ago now.

We must live now here, deep in the poison garden(my favourite poem -muddy Patrick Hobbs). Poison indeed : politicians, covid, schools going back, attempt to “return” and what that means?

But mense, we are alive, now, here. And we must LIVE now.

And what a beautiful day 🙂 sunshine, blue skies (howick south africa) and HOPE.

Today I want to share Mnandi, not many will know my second name is Nandi- it means sweet (sweet one), Mnandi means sweet but the conatations are much wider.

I have great great HOPE today that we can start a revolution.

Please join me : I would like to have this book translated into all our languages and if I can even get one household in 10 in south africa to cook from this book we will have accomplished a miracle 🙂 and turn the tide on type 2 diabetes.

Contact me if you are keen on helping me achieve this:

Dr Claudine Nandi Lee

#Ihaverecipesforyou #deliciousnutritious

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