Rainbow nation : rainbow food, cut diabetes type 2 in half -it’s doable

Can you even believe you got here human? Yes you. WE have all collectively and individually been through a lot since March – which feels at least 10 years ago now.

We must live now here, deep in the poison garden(my favourite poem -muddy Patrick Hobbs). Poison indeed : politicians, covid, schools going back, attempt to “return” and what that means?

But mense, we are alive, now, here. And we must LIVE now.

And what a beautiful day 🙂 sunshine, blue skies (howick south africa) and HOPE.

Today I want to share Mnandi, not many will know my second name is Nandi- it means sweet (sweet one), Mnandi means sweet but the conatations are much wider.

I have great great HOPE today that we can start a revolution.

Please join me : I would like to have this book translated into all our languages and if I can even get one household in 10 in south africa to cook from this book we will have accomplished a miracle 🙂 and turn the tide on type 2 diabetes.

Contact me if you are keen on helping me achieve this: drleethegp@gmail.com

Dr Claudine Nandi Lee

#Ihaverecipesforyou #deliciousnutritious


One thought on “Rainbow nation : rainbow food, cut diabetes type 2 in half -it’s doable

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