Technology and covid …

By now we are untangling data in regards to what has swept through the UK as regards covid and what we are seeing is a big great worry around diabetes and covid in that poorly controlled, “multi-morbid” -my own term- lots of co-morbidities : obesity, metabolic syndrome, age, dementia, etc is a red flag to the covid bull.

How can we move forward? By engaging technology. Knowledge is power and more so with diabetes and for me key even before covid was CGM. Accurate, on time, real time data that changes lives : quality and quantity and saves both lives and medical aids/governments money.


We have a lot of technology available but up to now it has been an uphill battle to get funders/governments to help roll it out.

Personally I don’t think there is a better time to rethink this situation than now. It’s about longterm outcomes and cost expenditure and getting a large group of the population – before the covid pandemic was the diabetes pandemic (the log graphs a lot of us have whined on about for ages -read back on this blog). Now it appears the two have merged. I hope I am not all doom and gloom but honestly there are many folk saying this is really the beginning?

Control of sugars is key in many regards but as regards covid it is super key.

#cgms #accuracy #numbers/knowledgesaveslives

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