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Our best tool

Right now for country and countryman stay at home. AS far as possible. Stay at home. This will STOP the virus in its dirty tracks.

If you have enough food, don’t go to the shops. If you run out, try to access online shopping. For the shopkeepers, tellers sake. We can help them by staying at home. The less people move around right now in the community the better the outcome.

If you do not have access to online shopping. By all means SHOP for what you NEED. Make sure you stay 2 meters away, have respect, sanitize hands a lot. If you are coughing or sneezing keep a buff over your nose and mouth when out and about.

Just listen to our very clever government right now and be grateful we don’t live under the Trump πŸ™‚

In lockdown

Monday today and last week feels about 100 years ago. We are in a really tumultous time that makes little sense and drives fear into the heart of us collectively.

What can one do?

Stay home. This virus moves from host to host when people move around. If we all stay at home properly it WILL die. It truely is like a horrible movie, my absolute worst in places like Italy, Spain, London and now america. For those on the frontline especially.

For me even one death -every single time is a tragedy and something that takes a very long time to process, grieve over never mind come to terms with. And right now that term death is commonplace.

What YOU can do : stay home, shop online, STOP this virus from spreading.

lock down shoo

What we know at the moment : this virus aerosols -that means if you sneeze or cough it goes into the air and stays there for 3 hours. It lives on surfaces for 72 hours some longer than others.

What that means : anything coming from outside needs to be fully disinfected in order to stop tranmission of this virus.

Our president has acted early and we should be extremely grateful. But it depends on us staying at home as much as possible and only going out when you absolutely have to.

There are many platforms in order to do things virtually. My rooms : 0832898351, – there are virtual consulting forms for free as well as paid virtual consultations, medici – download it.

You can phone your pharmacy and email your script so that they can get your medicine ready for you. Some pharmacies even deliver – this is better.

If we all stop moving the virus can’t spread.

Our medical facilities are limited as are our medical personal. And once we lose the medical folk I am not sure what happens then. I know this is dooms day BUT if we all listen properly RIGHT NOW we can halt transmissions NOW.

For questions :

Corona 2020

I think today we may go into a form of lockdown. THe sooner the better.

This virus is deadly to a percentage of the population and somehow we all think we are immune.

My top tips for now- changes daily

1.) wear a mask or bandanna -over nose and mouth

2.) don’t go anywhere unnecessary

3.) it appears to be airborne and this is a problem

4.) keep children at home


Sober monday…social distance now-this is not really negotiable -update

So by now we are realising the evil of this novel virus. Something I have always feared and I take back some of what I have said in the last 3 weeks.

On the positive side look at our leader – who spoke well with composure and has put south africans first. I really really believe our government has done well with this so far.

This is a point in time, a marker and to be honest a lot of us are terrified.

I listened to an amazing Italian doctor who is currently living the hell and he was calm and composed and doing what he does best healing people.

Calm is what we need, keeping our heads. Listening. Not being bullet proof. Helping. Not judging.

Ok so now we also know it’s airborne once coughed out for 3 hours in the air – this is big and translates to please wear a mask especially in open spaces.






What we know …13-3-2020 yes friday

Covid 19 is here and spreading. In terms of south africa we have 16 cases so far andΒ  one actual spread from a “traveller” to a “domestic” person – this is now been said to be a false postive. Quarantine and self-quarantine is paramount to keep it like this.

1.) If you have travelled to a country that is a “hotspot” it is vital you follow protocols widely availalbe and seek “medical” help – which is to say that you probably need to be tested ASAP (2 dry swabs) by a laboratory- NICD need to ok this and so your case needs to be discussed with a doctor – in order to prevent transmission once “permission” is granted it is better to go straight to the laboratory and then self quarantine. Telephonic is safest “consult” at this stage if you are fitting criteria.

2.) If you have come into contact with someone who is subsequently positive this also applies

3.) If you are symptomatic and the above applies : that is to say temp >38 deg celcius, dry cough, body ache, sore throat it is paramount you get permission and be tested

4.) If you have been in south africa in your community WITHOUT contact and have similar symptoms you may well have another virus that is NOT COVID.

The panic can be calmed if we all follow the principles and advice already dispensed. If we prevent further spread the curve will flatten if not it will stay logarythmic.

This is now a pandemic (WHO) and travel bans have been instituted. Things are literally changing minute to minute. Add loadshedding to the mix and we are all face mulitple challenges. But this is africa πŸ™‚covid19

AS of this am you can be tested in private in hilton. Firstly permission from the virologist in johannesburg or NICD to be obtained. Then to go to the parking lot at hilton health and phone lancet to let them know you are there (also doctor needs to pre-arrange). There may be a drive through option going forward – not yet available. The cost is R1400 and must be paid up front for private testing. If NICD oks it, it is free. Some medical aids are covering the test but the onus is on the patient to check this.

The crown of it all…

Corona or crown is a virus we know – common cold virus. Yes it has mutated to be the novel corona virus indeed and yes the origin seems to be china and we all travel wildly across the globe so yes it’s going to spread – droplet spread – NOT AIRBORNE.

If we had this much energy and gutzpa thrown at actual causes in south africa that CAN be solved : pick one : TB, MDR TB, continual infection of HIV (ie new infections), lets see, rape, murder, poverty ??? we honestly could be a really really strong country and the head of Africa in terms of economy and in every other respect.

Keep your pants on. It is paramount that you wash your hands well. That you breathe deeply and calmly and use this pent up energy to a good cause in your immediate influence.

There are numerous beautiful videos of what it looks like, how it transmits -watch them.

At this point the NICD are concentrating on FIRST degree contacts – ie have you had contact with the first case in hilton. THey are advising that we “calm” the second degree and further removed contacts down and REASSURE them. Easier said than done.

THis is probably not the end of the world. Do I think a virus may “take” us all one day. Yes it is quite likely. Do I think the crown is it? I do not.

Up to now it has been dealt with perfectly in hilton and cudos to all who have been involved. Only time will tell the greater outcome but most importantly, if you have been tested for corona virus – self quaranteen and wash hands etc. Otherwise be respectful of people generally not just now in a crisis always. Always dont judge and condemn. Always.

As my children said this morning stay 2 minutes away from everybody πŸ™‚

And sing happy birthday a lot :):):):)


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