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A friday kind of poem

An AFrican Feast

The sun sets golden

the harvested hay bales fill

the amber air with hues

of hazelnut


it’s rich , it’s amber coloured

temperature too

you can drink the amarula in

you can spiral tranquil lose

yourself within

the ivory carved moon rises east- an AFrican Feast

Libre flash monitoring – “freeing” you up to live life (technology permitting )

What is flash monitoring ? Well it’s a button you wear on your upper arm (under normal sleeves) and use your phone (many compatible android and iphones) to swipe across the button and voila- a sugar reading. It then records on a graph on your phone.

We have come a long way since 1922 when without insulin type 1 patients essentially died. Crass but the truth sadly. And here we are in 2019 and we do not even have to rely on finger pricks. Yay! Progress and science and so much of happiness all around.

Flash monitoring does have a lag, and that is quite individual. Safe to say the “real time” sugar is ahead ie the flash is behind real time but the trend remains the same – I hope that makes sense. The beauty is being able to see where you have come from and are headed towards. So, if you are heading down you can snack or watch and wait depending on the circumstances : ie food, exercise, illness and same for heading up. And you can flash in 5 minutes to see.

So I very much advise against knee-jerk reaction to the blood sugar on flash monitoring but rather watching and waiting and “learning” from experiences of exercise and cake eating etc. As for adjustments in insulin doses and timing of insulin and what does what. For example stress affects certain people in one way and others in another and the beauty of the flash is that you get to learn what your body does and adjust to that.

In the UK this device is now relatively largely widespread and with great great results of way better control, time in range and very importantly better quality of life for type 1 patients. It is being funded by the NHS at large thanks to the Diabetes warrior doctors who have literally “gone to war” to get this funded.

In south africa we battle “the funders” to do what actually benefits them downstream but happy to say that I do feel that progress is being made in this arena too. Our “war” also slowly slowly being won for the betterment of both funder and patients.

Flash monitoring – glucose readings regularly not requiring finger sticks/pricks – accurate, timeous and life changing – allowing patients to live full lives rather than survive.

#abbottlibreflash a multitasking device that adds value at every level

Walk for diabetes awareness 16 nov 8am 3km on saturday (2 days after the 14th-which is world diabetes day) …:)

We are walking on saturday 16 november for diabetes awareness at 8 am for 3 km from the cascades parking lot in pmb. Call 0832898351 for info you may need.

It’s FREE and you will receive a FREE water bottle. 🙂

We will walk in the forest weather permitting 🙂 see you tomorrow 🙂 🙂

What is aesthetics?

An Art form I believe.

Botox has both a good and a bad name. It can be used well and poorly. It is a toxin, botulinum toxin that paralysis muscles that are tending to overwork and create wrinkles. A small dose of botox is called baby botox and renders a very natural subtle youthening look smoothing out fine lines and divets in the ageing forhead.

Filler works like a charm in the cheek zone to lift : jowls, marrionette lines and generally also a youthening effect. Filler also really does wonders for very thin lips and uneven lips or if you really are wanting a pout.

So yes it does make you younger but if you do it in small doses it is subtle and smoothing and just very pretty.

And an art.

November is BLUE #diabetesawareness

Sugars are sticky

Sugars are icky when low or high

november is blue but we are not blue

because there is a solution for many of the problems

sugars …SOLVE them make them stay tight in rangenovemberblue.jpeg

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