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The power of the double x ;)

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Diabetes type 2 and diabesity …yes there is a link but fat shaming is a shame :(

Why is it that there is so much emotion and sentiment around diabetes. Even recently on some american programme there was “fat shaming” in conjunction with diabetes type 2 and yes there is a fair amount of “blaming” patients regarding their diabetes and a sentiment that diabetics just shovel food down their throats.

This is not the truth and couldn’t be further from it.

There is a really big difference between type 2 and type 1 and for some reason often the type 1’s who generally get labelled “the bad kind of diabetics” get accused of “causing ” their condition – which really is pure ignorance.

Then add to the confusion the diabesity/obesity epidemic that plagues us and you get even more confusion.

One would think though that journalists/tv folk would empower themselves with knowledge.

Anyway the long and the short boils down to what I often say – a relative (type 2) or absolute (type 1) lack of the hormone insulin – which takes a glucose molecule (much needed by the cells (all of them)) into the cell.

It is true that lifestyle is a risk factor for type 2 diabetes, however it is not the only risk factor. Age above 40, genetics, demographic as well as a whole host of other things like stress and medications are risk factors too.

It’s not simply you eat too much therefore you get diabetes type 2.

Also every one of us is actually at risk as we are all going to be over the age of 40 one day and that in itself is an independant risk factor and the analogy I like to use is that the pancreas is like a part in a car – and parts get worn and torn.

So next time you think of fat shaming, think again. Think about things just a bit more deeply. Subcutaneous may be deep but it isn’t always shallow…




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Arborisation – broccoli brain – a good thing

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Continous monitoring cleared up

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New therapies …for dyspareunia -hope @#PRP

dysparIf you suffer from “dyspar” dyspareunia you know exactly how debilitating it is and the knock on effect to other areas of your life. The causes are mulitiple and include psychological aspects which cause as well as perpetuate a cycle that once it starts is quite hard to terminate.

Up to now there is not much to offer in treatment, a quick google search will tell you : lubricants, try to identify and treat the root cause, warm baths etc 🙂

Platelet rich plasma is your own plasma that is full of rejuvinating healing properties, ie is fully compatible with you, safe, and a potential answer to a difficult to solve problem. At the very least it is worth trying if you are suffering.

There is some research using PRP in tendon injuries but less so for it’s many other uses. In practice it works. In america it is known as an “o” shot, in south africa it is called a “v” shot. It essentially is a “re-juvination” of skin, glands and tissues helping to increase blood supply and functionality. Helping with incontinence, dyspareunia, and desire. The proof really is in the results seen by therapists using it and their very satisfied customers many of whom are very happy to share their experience of it on you tube and social media.

Incontinence and dsypareunia affect up to 47% of women and barring surgery for the former up to now there was little hope. This is a safe option with an immediate efffect. It is one of the few “therapies” around that allows increased lubrication as well as rejuvination of the glands responsible for this, increases blood supply for healing of tissues as well as blood supply to the elusive g spot.

Life is better when all your body parts are happy 😉 happy wife, happy life 🙂

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