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London, closed loop and life :)

The Kings’s College London type 1 diabetes clinic is a world class unit that delivers care to patients lucky enough to live in the area as well as beyond (on a referral basis). It is a humble prefab building in the great metropolis of King’s College and home to a team of health care professionals who embody team. I was priviledged to attend a course there last week in London.

Call me a nerd but a 2 day learning experience is a great great highlight in my life.

I have always embraced the team approach to diabetes and these guys rock at it. From resident pschologist as part of the team to mulit-disciplinary meetings across the team there is not actually a level of care that functions outside of a “team”. And the patients benefit from this approach.

The learning more specifically last week was focused on learning from the medtronic 670 g “closed loop” patients and how amazingly well the algorythm can perform and what a “miracle” way of delivering insulin this is for a lot a patients. How we can apply lessons to our other patients in terms of how best to use insulin and information.

Technology certainly is both exciting as well as exceptionally clever as regards type 1 diabetes and being a part of this revolution so to speak is something I am extremely grateful for.

Thank you again to Medtronic, to King’s College and to everyone who made this learning possible. london

Learning is life and life is learning and it’s all actually a circle…


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