A deep hole

I feel like :

a battered thing

a broken wing

a pretty useless woman

to you

Your words have hit me so hard

again and again and again

deep pain

a set of waves staccato

breaking and dumping

and unrelenting

occasionally I get to shore

and lie in the shore break

and wonder if I made a really big mistake

and then I find myself back in the ocean

at sea

no anchor

and the sets begin again

seven years in the rain

outside lonely tending to needs

to food

to cries

exhaustion a constant companion

a bleed in the brain

required to not think, rest

I just can’t seem to shake it

feels like a stake right through my soul

a hole

a deep hole

thoughts to fly out of my soul

yet reigned in by the need

the bleed of 2

precious ones

who have no other mother

2 thoughts on “A deep hole

  1. Bonny Godfrey May 29, 2019 at 11:32 am Reply

    Shew ……… I was drawn into that turmoil and could relate to some of that pain whilst reading those profound words. My stomach knotted and memories came flooding back. Strength, reassurance and arms to comfort will help when anxiety, loneliness and doubt start creeping in to cloud decisions.


    • drleethegp May 29, 2019 at 11:39 am Reply

      Thanks Bonny, I wrote it in 2017 and found it, thought it might be helpful for others :), I am in so much of a better place now 😉


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