Fear can be overcome by humour, there is indeed no other way…

Of two choices you can be certain – to choose love or to choose fear. What do you choose?

One of the best ways to combat fear is humour – Pieter-Dirk Uys said this in an interview with Gareth Cliff on Cliff central …http://cliffcentral.com/ – an awesome place to find cool pod casts.

Another thing that struck me is how as humans when there is a big internal fear of big feelings like for example homosexuality or being abused etc, that we someone turn our focus to self-loathing. That shadow self, the “unacceptability” thereof then turns into a great fear and we operate frozen out of contempt for this. This is not healthy.

Another thing I learnt yesterday is that depression is fear turned inward, internalised.

Not a good thing.

And yet there is freedom, there is joy, there is dancing.

IN humour, in letting go, in acceptance of self. In naming the emotion and confronting the fear in a gentle accepting way. Sitting in the mud with it. Alongside it.

We are complex individuals who crave, long for and desire connection. Empathy is the key to that connection. Without empathy connection is nearly impossible. Empathy.






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