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Life as a mom/woman/werker

So I often say to my kids “mommy has at least 700 jobs to do every day”. And I often feel that perhaps that’s underestimating it. I also wish for, long for 3 or 4 hands rather than 2. It would honestly solve problems like : multiple trips to and from the car, packages as well as carrying kids etc, etc etc.

Just saying.

The average mom/woman/werker regardless of stay at home of frikken run off your feet business person wakes early, starts the day with a pretty limitless list of tasks which get interrupted on average about 1000X that specific morning. Attempts during this first mini-war of the day to shower and dress. Sometimes this process gets hijacked and one finds oneself naked in the kitchen consoling an inconsolable child about something that may actually be causing world war three in their mind but actually just can’t find it’s pink jersey.

The journey to the car is often interrupted by a request to poo and we are already 10 minutes late. And trust me this process in a young un is not a quick one.

Drop off is sometimes fraught with yet another battle of sorts from tears to tantrums and all shades of different coloured moods in-between. yes them young uns are humans with moods and lots of them.

On arrival at work one really needs a tequila but generally that does not happen. Unless your secretary spots a look of absolute failure in your eyes and merrily produces one – joking – I wish!!

Then the day begins, most feel much like a whirlwind. In my world every day is different and I end up literally donating my spleen and kidneys to most patients in terms of empathy and attempting to listen in an in-depth way a healing way.

Well then 3 pm hurtles around and usually signifies children who are either hypo-glycemic or grumpy or tired or all 3. It’s a special time of day as most mums will know which generally lasts until bed time and the routine of that is sometimes a breeze and just when you think you are bloody mom of the year a week arrives where they turn into the spawn of satan and literally behave like aliens born of people you don’t know from adam.

And on the note of adam. Well God had a special sense of humour when he created him.

How anyone gets through the average day without a glass of wine totally totals me. And I was a “tea totaller” before I had children. Despite being wise (i.e. older).

Spare a thought, if you are a women on your way to motherhood, prepare yourself -though nothing really can, just saying, sorry.

If you happen to be a caring adam then spare 2 thoughts perhaps buy some flowers and have a conversation along the lines of I love you, I appreciate you you are amazing :), just saying.

From the heart …art

The heart is a fragile thing in most, and yet a hard nasty thing in some. The arts and art is a thing like beauty – in the eye of the beholder and the eye is the window to the soul.

The soul – now there’s a concept. What is that?

What are we? Chemicals, chemical reactions on millions of different levels? Hard physical hardware ? A mixture? What makes one man soft and one man hard? Or woman. Let’s not go all porn here we are talking the insides right, the chemicals.

One day when you die does your soul live? And how do we know that for sure this side of death?

Musings on a wednesday …

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