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Grace Vision – cataracts dissolved, vision returned


Cataracts gone, vision returned and life in abundance

Once a year I pilgrim to Zithulele Hospital in the transkei. A special place. I call it pilgrim as I have been going for a while now and my girls are 4 and 6 and they make the long journey with me. Sometimes travelling with little folk is a little challenging euphemistically speaking.

Zithulele hospital is a place that is full of peace and joy and HOPE. Look them up and look up Jabulani NGO associated with it and if you believe in south africa, even if you believe in humanity and life and goodness – donate – I promise you it’s the best money you will spend in 2018.

Grace Vision is a place on par with Zithulele -look them up too. They also need some money. Put it here instead of bitcoin and ether whatever.

The gift of vision from blindness to the elderly and even some younger patients is precious and a profound privilege to be a part of in any way.

I am extremely lucky to be trained in MCSIS – scleral tunnel cataract surgery – suture – less.

Grace Vision is an impeccably run project. The entire team are dedicated, hard working people. The entire team, and each person is part of the miracle occurring in the blind.

So begin 2018 with purpose and a gift – I challenge YOU !

Mina – Claudine – the pictures here are of Glenn Strauss – the amazing guy who taught me this technique – look up helpmesee  …. and support him too!! so many challenges …


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