Anger is a map?

Anger is a voice, a map, it shows us boundaries and points the way. Anger in itself is not an enemy of something to be feared or rejected. It is a powerful human emotion that stirs, rocks and beckons to guide. Anger is not the action. It is action’s invitation. No this is not my wisdom it comes from 2 books : Drawing as a sacred activity and The Artist’s way.

Life is in many ways a puzzle and needs a bit of figuring out.

We move through it, short as it is, in a way that we essentially choose for ourselves. Sometimes it feels as if we have not chosen it, but in essence it is our choice.

Living with that choice is sometimes hard to come to terms with. But oh the joy of knowing that the path going forward can be chosen in a better way.

Plato said that the life unexamined is not worth living. And I like this.

Also Albert Einstein said Imagination is more important than knowledge and I like this even more.

Synchronicity (fortuitous intermeshing of events) according to Jung is a thing of wonder and beauty too.

All matter has energy and it is in constant motion. That’s not what I invented or even a creator invented, it just IS.

And so much is gifted to us for the using of navigation in this life, yet because a lot of it is mysterious we don’t attach the value to it that it shouts out for, like anger.

Many folk dis art and relegate it to the empaths and “feelers” of this world. I say art is life. Art is part of the path, art is part of the navigation and part of the tools to navigate.

We are complex beings men and women. And yet we are actually so simple. The tools are all right there in front of us, yet so hidden that many of us don’t see them. Our lives are our own responsibility and cry out for us to take ownership fully. Grasp that and then grasp life. Live : whatever you think you can do or believe you can do, begin it, Action has magic, grace and power in it – Goethe.




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