From the bottom of my heart

I had not even really “touched” down after having fairly major surgery when my world was rocked. A phone call at 5 am with a simultaneous 3 year old vomitting on me. A very very anxious morning of much prayer and many phone calls ensued after “news” that would put chills down anyone’s spine (let alone a doctor).

One realises one’s extremely fragile place in this world when a close family member scrapes way too close to moving into the next world. Life is simply not simple and death even more of a mystery.

From the bottom of my heart and those of my family members I would like to thank the extremely competent and life saving actions of a young lady doctor in the Port Alfred Hospital. She not only immediately diagnosed correctly but set in motion a path of action that truly saved my dad’s life. All too many times we criticise the state health department and all too many times lives are indeed lost due to tardiness and incompetence.

So when things turn out in a way that gives an entire family a new life and a new chance I have to shout it from the roof tops. To all the members of the team on the Port Alfred side as well as the Port Elizabeth Green Acres Netcare hospital a sincere thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Time is indeed critical in the events of a heart attack. Time is muscle they say and for strokes time is brain. For anyone out there who has someone who has chest pain the best you can do is get that person to a hospital as soon as possible and for them to have an ecg (electrocardiograph).

Thank you!

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