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Continous monitoring cleared up

Ok so what is available currently in South Africa for continuos monitoring – and what is that any way? Continuous monitoring is the single most effective tool in controlling sugar in my practice.

Instead of 4-6 finger pricks a day to see where you are at for a sugar level continuous monitoring is essentially a device that resides subcutaneously (under the skin) for a period of time and “reads” the sugar on a 5 min or 15 min interval and gives a reading on a graph format of the sugars.

It is a life changing and diabetes management miracle. I find that with just this one intervention we can stabilise the sugars.

So in SA we have from cost-effective to expensive : libre-pro, guardian-connect, dexcom G5 and soon to be G6 as well as medtronic’s continuous monitoring that accompanies their pump.

For those needing a cost effective yet accurate solution the libra-pro is the way to go. Please do be aware that the device in SA is DIFFERENT to the one overseas.

Guardian connect is about to launch, it is a great CGMS that is both accurate and affordable. This device has a “monitor” on which the graph of the glucose readings appears.

Dexcom is an expensive but amazing CGMS, the G5 now communicates primarily with an iPhone and soon to be android. This means carrying less devices around. It is supremely accurate and easy to use.

The CGMS that accompanies the medtronic pump is getting more accurate but only available with the pump.

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Diabetes -wish it would trend like Trump- in an ideal world (sigh)

Diabetes is a scourge of modern day living. Why are we not winning ?

This is a simple disease – type 2 that is perfectly PREVENTABLE and perfectly treatable and yet we are losing this battle left right and centre.

Dialysis, amputations, blindness abound and really should not.

WE have the tools but we do not have political will or the will of the people.

We live in an age where as humans we choose easy street time and time again. Easy street in eating, easy street in not exercising, easy street in unhealthy choices.

One hundred years ago we were skinny and ate half of what we do currently and guess what we had a almost nil type 2 problem. Fast forward to 2016 and the numbers are staggering (like a drunkard) – out of control.

For a disease that is preventable and treatable.

A sugar above 10 has an effect much like coke on the floor – everything becomes one sticky stuck together mess – that’s a poorly controlled diabetic’s body.

Keep your sugar below 10 and voila – no problems in fact, keep your sugar at target and you live longer than a non-diabetic !

Easy peasy lemon squeezy – but we are not doing it ?

I urge you to look after your body – the only one you have – check your sugar regularly -pick up diabetes early and treat it. Better still eat healthily and exercise and skip it. It is possible. It is really possible – however if you would rather just be fat and still – have some diabetes.



How the heck?

Oh my shattered nerves how on earth has 2016 happened and unfolded this way? Is democracy the way forward ?

I am pretty sure that New Yorkers did not vote for Trump, as Londoners did not vote for brexit. Is it just me or are there way too many stupid people out there. Well if Donald Trump can say the things he has and get voted as the president, I think we should take a leaf out of his book and be less pc going forward.

Perhaps honesty may get us somewhere.

And why the heck did the media lull us into a sense of all is ok with the world by saying Hilary would win?

What does this mean? For the world at large??

Where do we stand and is the world at large a safe place ?

Donald strikes me as quite selfish, is he simply going to forget about the rest of the world?

Today, for once I am glad to live in south africa with our version of stupid as president.donald-trumpzumazump

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