On going under the knife

So my husband says to me – you could not have chosen a worse week. And my response was that I so! did not CHOOSE to go under the knife!

About 10 days ago I had one of the best runs in a good lot of months, made lunch for the family and was feeling really quite good. Went along to do a monthly shop and started feeling a little unwell and in a bit of discomfort. This progressed to a point where I was in a substantial amount of pain in the evening. However having delivered two children naturally and undergone that kind of pain – both the pain of pregnancy, the absolute madness of the the hormones, the pain of delivery (failed epidurals both times on one side) and all of that drama, but comparison this was really still only about a 4/10 kind of pain and one that I did not feel warranted going to hospital.

The next morning it progressed some more and still I was adamant that this was all really still ok. However by about 10am I decided that yes perhaps indeed I should go see someone.

I was pretty much whipped into emergency surgery and won’t go into the gory detail.

Now, I have spent time in hospital before and mostly it was AWFUL. I was treated literally like a piece of ****. I kid you not, I am not sure that it was staff trying to “get back” at doctors in general or if I really was impossible due to the hormones in me.

This time around I have only high praise and appreciation for the staff and all who took care of me. For the first time in my life they were KIND to me. Gob-smackingly KIND. IT was wonderful and aided my healing. For the first time in my life I woke up from anaesthetic PAIN free -yes pain free and I give 100% credit to the surgeon and the anaesthetist – THANK you THANK you. It made SUCH a difference to recovery.

So no I never chose this – it very much happened to me. I am so glad to be on the other side of it and so grateful to the staff for KINDNESS. xxxunder the knife2under the knife








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