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My Diabetes Day

Join us for a really fun day where you focus on your diabetes and wrap your head around how to get your numbers less variable so that you feel better, have stable weight and more energy!!!

Podiatry, dietician, GP, educator visits are re-imbursable. The cost of the meal is R250 for a 3 course meal that is also a tutorial and a lot of fun – funky chef and gorgeous location !!!

call 033 343 1826

We are happy to accommodate out of town folk coming to hilton arts festival too!

Let me know and will recommend venues that will feed you lovely delicious diabetic food.


On giving birth and what I have learnt

I believe that from the moment of conception something changes inside of you. Something that you can not quite put your finger on and something that eventually is what one might call motherhood. That in itself is a whole dimension of complicated intertwined emotion and a whole lot more.

From the moment I knew that I was essentially a “mom” I was changed and I wanted only the very very best for this little creature growing inside of me who was body, spirit, soul.

This, combined with hormones (and they were certainly not friendly to me) was a complicated mix of “stuff” to deal with.

I knew that conception is natural. I knew that for 1000s of years women delivered babies at home. I also knew the flip side (being a doctor) and that many things can and do go wrong. This was not a good combo for me personally.

I delivered two babies naturally with epidurals that only worked on one side (both times – apparently I have a filament). The first time was with a “doula” and quite an elating experience. The second was without  (you can read my birth story for reason , I still wish I had had one rather). The second time around I was 39 and things really just never actually

went according to plan.

Long story short I had a near-death and out of body experience. The pain I had AFTER delivering was something I never ever wish to experience again. Despite being a doctor and complaining of pain I was treated unkindly (to say the least)(there are many other phrases I could use). I was eventually resuscitated and taken to theatre. It was unpleasant mildly put. I was not even able to really bond with my little for at least 48 hours. All of this could have been prevented. Recently I had surgery and realised that I had actually ruptured my uterus with the birth (this healed miraculously by itself). There are many miracles that happen every day. I thank God for mine.

I am writing this in part as catharsis and in part to women out there at large.

Lessons I have learnt :

1.) If you are in pain – you really are in pain and don’t let anyone tell you that you are not. Pain is nature’s loud speaker and it should NEVER be ignored. Only the patient knows if they are in pain regardless of how loud (or not) they scream.

2.) Pain (extreme pain ) always means that there is something not right and it needs to be figured out and fixed. It can be ignored however the risk of death or damage is high.

3.) When you are over the age of 35 it may be better to cut your losses and have a caesarian section – provisor – if all goes 100% to plan at dates (term) and your labour progresses as it should by all means go for it. However if one requires induction, long labour etc have a caesarian section.

4.) Miracles do happen but medical science is very clever now make sure your “carers” do all they can in terms of what we know to date.






Rizodeg about to “arise”

Yes yes yes ! I am hoping (praying ) that Rizodeg will be scriptable by monday – you heard me this coming monday!

The insulin we have been waiting for : no stacking (NO stacking) nil to no hypos, steady release, long half life, a short acting component for meals -breakfast and supper – you can either eat NO carbs for lunch or do an extra short acting dose.

Essentially a BD – twice daily dose with far far better CONTROL – i.e. staying in the happy zone of 5-9 constantly – what joy!!!!

WE have been waiting and waiting for a product like this and it is about to arrive and arise!

Diabetics on insulin up to now have swung from high to low and low to high and had very little control over this, so many factors and “not at all predicable” absorption.

This new insulin solves many of our issues and we can not wait!!

Sadly probably not re-imbursed by med aids – but which diabetic would not gladly rather have quality of life?

Rather save on some other things and make sure the diabetic in your life has quality and quantity of life 🙂ryzodegabsorption

On going under the knife

So my husband says to me – you could not have chosen a worse week. And my response was that I so! did not CHOOSE to go under the knife!

About 10 days ago I had one of the best runs in a good lot of months, made lunch for the family and was feeling really quite good. Went along to do a monthly shop and started feeling a little unwell and in a bit of discomfort. This progressed to a point where I was in a substantial amount of pain in the evening. However having delivered two children naturally and undergone that kind of pain – both the pain of pregnancy, the absolute madness of the the hormones, the pain of delivery (failed epidurals both times on one side) and all of that drama, but comparison this was really still only about a 4/10 kind of pain and one that I did not feel warranted going to hospital.

The next morning it progressed some more and still I was adamant that this was all really still ok. However by about 10am I decided that yes perhaps indeed I should go see someone.

I was pretty much whipped into emergency surgery and won’t go into the gory detail.

Now, I have spent time in hospital before and mostly it was AWFUL. I was treated literally like a piece of ****. I kid you not, I am not sure that it was staff trying to “get back” at doctors in general or if I really was impossible due to the hormones in me.

This time around I have only high praise and appreciation for the staff and all who took care of me. For the first time in my life they were KIND to me. Gob-smackingly KIND. IT was wonderful and aided my healing. For the first time in my life I woke up from anaesthetic PAIN free -yes pain free and I give 100% credit to the surgeon and the anaesthetist – THANK you THANK you. It made SUCH a difference to recovery.

So no I never chose this – it very much happened to me. I am so glad to be on the other side of it and so grateful to the staff for KINDNESS. xxxunder the knife2under the knife







Derma pen -the science behind it

Derma pen now available at 26 hilton avenue. This is extremely exciting technology developed by skin care and aesthetic specialists that has multiple uses and excellent results.

Derma pen causes a controlled injury to the skin which then stimulates many excellent healing and smoothing effects. It can be used for wrinkles, blemishes, scars, acne, acne scars to stretch marks and hypo pigmentation and alopecia.

It is a “stamp” of vertical needles that initiate a micro injury in the dermis and epidermis and “trigger” a host of reactions in the skin that facilitate healing in many ways. It has far fewer side-effects than similar thermo/older abrasive techniques, less down time and a better general effect.

The effects particularly in the young skin with problems like acne scarring and pigmentation are extremely encouraging and beneficial as well as lasting. Literally a few treatments has a lasting effect.

It’s effect on wrinkles is also amazing in terms of a treatment that does not require a top up every 4-6 months. It could also be regarded as “more natural” than some other treatments.

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