So why do some patients go into honeymoon and some do not? It is a great mystery to me that I am hoping will also help us unravel the mystery of type 1 diabetes.

So type 1 diabetes is when your pancreas is NOT able to produce insulin. Is this problem, well yes. Every cell in the body requires glucose and the key molecule to take glucose into the cell is insulin. So without insulin cells literally die of starvation. The cell metabolism tries to use a desperate way to stay alive that is not sustainable and the eventual outcome is cell death.

What is it that causes one person to have a “honeymoon” period – i.e. easy to control diabetes either with diet or a combination of medication and diet and then all of a sudden the honeymoon is over?

Are we able to extend the honeymoon?

Are we able to figure out why some patients are diagnosed and never have a honeymoon?

These are answers I am after.

Type 1 diabetes is a real bugger of a disease. One you can never have a holiday from. One only a patient or a parent understands the devastation of.

WE have made leaps and bounds in type 2 diabetes, it is now time to make leaps and bounds in type 1.

Please contact me if you have any info/answers to my questions.

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