Does “knowing your number” matter?

Oh yes definitely ! There is indeed a HUGE difference between a 10 on its way up and a 10 on its way down. For 10 on its way up depending on where you are meal time wise you need more insulin. For a 10 on its way down you would approach “fixing” it quite differently.

The same goes for a 3 on its way up and a 3 on its way down!

Continous monitoring affords one the “luxury” of “learning” your diabetes and understanding your individual response to certain situations and conditions without over or under correcting (once you learn to do this properly).

Anyone with type 1 themselves or a type 1 child will know the absolute helplessness you feel when you/your little one goes low or runs high.

In my personal opinion 4-6 injections with 4-6 finger sticks is such a “patchy” way of dealing with diabetes.

It’s 2016 and we have options !!

WE have pump therapy with and without continuous monitoring, we have continuous monitoring ! this has revolutionised care and quality of life of patients.

And now (drum roll) we have on the horizon non-invasive (i.e. not sore no prick) continuous monitoring !!! arriving sometime later this year – this is truly revolutionary.

Yes knowing your number is important. It not only adds quality to your life but gives loved ones the peace of mind they need.sugarbeat2sugarbeat

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