Change beliefs? By Lynne our Life coach :)

Change my beliefs

Change my beliefs? Really? Why?

Unlike our fight, flight and procreate reactions, our beliefs are not hard wired in our brain. They are formed in the neo-cortex of the brain and are learned which means that we can change them. None of us were born with beliefs but we end up with millions of them all learned through parents, education, experience and our creative mind to mention a few.

Beliefs are powerful and act as a filter for every bit of information you receive or impart. They often stand in our way but there is a good chance that along the path of life, they are no longer true and are distorted but there we are believing them anyway. How many of you are carrying around beliefs such as, I am lazy, I give up too easily, I will never succeed. All of these can be changed as when looked at carefully, there is a huge possibility that they are not true. Disprove them by writing the belief down and look at what is supporting it. If what is supporting them is no longer totally true, let the belief go. It is useless! People that are flexible in their beliefs are happier and more balanced people so watch out for being stuck with a belief that is no longer useful to you or your situation.


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