The cost of health

What is health worth? Can you actually quantify it? Is there a price to quality and longevity of life?

Good health is a sum of a few parts : luck, good living, what you put in your mouth, exercise, balance, mental health and probably a few other factors like genetics and environment too. It unfortunately can not be bought. I do feel it is worth pursuing in terms of doing the things that can be done.

Sometimes though this does seem to cost a lot of money and that is sad in a way. Largely as this puts people off doing what could save them their lives.

There are a few conditions that can actually be prevented and that should not cause premature death and I do think that these are worth preventing. Science proves this.

There are many things we know as well as many things that we do not. When it comes to heart disease, stroke, complications of uncontrolled diabetes there is a lot we can do to prevent that is cost effective in terms of quality and quantity of life. Most governments even realise this.

How much can we measure and what is unquantifiable?

How much does a life cost? Does it differ on different continents?

Each of us comes into this life by ourselves and departs by ourselves despite being part of a family and a community. I do think healthy living is worth pursuing and cost-effective in the end.




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