Bono and justice and yet few seem to really take cogniscience

I recently watched a brilliant TED talk where Bono delineates the current “fires” in Africa and how the west essentially is watching.

It is always interesting to hear the opinion of a non-native to africa and often surprises me how much more sympathetic than even our own “native” -meaning born here- politicians and players are to the plight of the poor. And by and large Africa’s main bleeding to death literally is happening amongst it’s vast poor.

Even more poignant in light of the panama papers.

MMMmm, I really do wonder how the powers that be justify to themselves the awful treatment of their own. IT is one thing to treat your enemies badly, quite another to treat your kin poorly. Or as Ghandi puts it you can tell a lot about a person as to how they treat animals. Sometimes the poor are treated worse than neglected animals.

This may seem inflammatory, but when we inspect for the truth of the matter, what is the truth of the matter?

Bono describes himself as a very annoying thing – a rockstar with a cause. But why is it that there are some folk on earth that are concerned with justice whilst others seem to trample it in the daylight.

Just or not, we will indeed all be judged at the time designated for such. Each will respond for themselves.

On a daily basis I have the privilege of “treating” people and possibly helping on a physical and hopefully deeper level. The hardest moments are those where “treatment” seems to be withheld for no real or good reason and the person left for poorer – physically and sometimes mentally and sometimes even no longer.

I do wish more people would “hear” the justice message and respond. If only every 4th person did the world would be a better place. Small small can make a difference. I can hear the cries as if a constant scream and yet some don’t seem to hear at all. The boko haram girls in Nigeria are one small example – a gaping gaping wound bleeding to death in the hearts of their parents and the international community gape and stare blankly. Because those girls don’t open up an oil field?? How can Bin Ladin be “found” and these many girls be “lost”???

Justice continues to press my buttons, and I mourn at the lack of it pressing many others 😦



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