My passion for pumps !

I just can not put into real words how passionate I am about insulin pump therapy. I mean why not? Don’t you (as a physician) always want what is closest to human physiology (when that is what is gone)? Don’t you always want the absolute best available treatment on the market for someone whose organ has stopped functioning? Don’t we do heart and kidney transplants for those whose hearts and kidneys have failed??

Do we really think that 4 injections a day can even vaguely “mimic” a very  very complex physiology? Really???

Shoo ! If we do then I think we have put our brains to sleep.

My little often says to me – “how did God make the flowers mommy? “, ” how did God make the cars?” ” How did God make humans?” How did God make trees? ” I think you can see where this is going, it sure is complex.

And then we have the audacity to say that 4 injections can match eating, exercising, being, sleeping, illness, need I go on??

I am sorry but as a thinking human I beg to differ.

It is complex.

For this simple reason I shall continue to be almost militaristic in pursuit of the best case scenario for my patients and in type 1 diabetes pumps are it for the moment, (Until we get the artificial pancreas or the implantable one).

Simple really. Life is really too short to be on old-fashioned treatment when you have a disease like diabetes. Quality of life is king 🙂 Add to this a genteel tester – painless pricking and you are on a very good wicket.


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