The Challenges of life

Most moms will recognise the scenario of one screaming child, one literally hanging off your arm that is about to break, as you get to the till point an almighty tantrum by both when your answer to yet another sugary treat is no. Add to this a few staff issues at the office (new staff), some interesting financial challenges and some unexpected curve-balls.

Breaking your back in the pretext of the above to get all organised for yourself and two children to go away for the weekend (and I always always forget at least one crucial item like underwear). So I see all the patients booked, deal with my 4 year old who is very unwell at this point. Get everything in order (after burning the food for the weekend the previous night) and head off to face traffic standstills and hours of travelling with both children either crying or whining or both. Have a great weekend but on the last day get back to my phone with 20 missed calls!

I have never had 20 missed calls.

No-one expects disasters to happen, but sometimes they do.

Anyway, I am extremely grateful that there was not a fatality and that  the worst damage was a fire in the office. We will be able to clean all of that up. Cuddoes to all involved actually, power is restored, telkom will arrive to redo all tomorrow, and life will continue as mostly normal in time to



One thought on “The Challenges of life

  1. Elizabeth Tait March 31, 2016 at 9:26 am Reply

    So sorry to hear about your misfortune – but very grateful to hear that there were no injuries.


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