Joseph Pilates

Not everyone is familiar with the extra-ordinary tale of Joseph Pilates who was the founder of the Pilates exercise that has so much benefit. He was born in Germany in 1883 and was a very ill child. He came up with his own solution to the problem which was a set of exercises that he refined and are now known as pilates. Early on in his life he was working in England and “training” police force, even Scotland yard when the war broke out and due to his citizenship was imprisoned.

His unit were encouraged to do the pilates exercises and not only survived but did far better physically and psychologically than the other prisoners. He decided to move to USA and met his wife on the boat across to “the new world”. He became a renowned teacher of pilates in America, training ballet dancers and revolutionising exercise.

Pilates is a unique exercise form that strengthens core muscles and creates strength from the inside out. It helps relaxation, deep breathing, strengthens lungs and lung capacity.

Give it a try, it will change your life too.joseph pilates2joseph pilates


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