Diabetes and control

The ever moving yet elusive target of 7 mmol/l in diabetes control seems like the holy grail for both patients and practitioners. Why is it so hard? Well, it’s like this, everything from the weather to your acute health as well as chronic health as well as meals, exercise, humidity and just about every other factor that can change affects your sugars. Not only the number but the rapidity with which is it going up or down.

Don’t feel disillusioned, be kind to yourself, especially as the patient or the care-giver : spouse or mom/dad. Always try and work out why something happened and learn from it. Sometimes though there does not seem to be a valid reason. Make peace with that episode and continue on this holy grail road. I wish I had a magic wand to “sort” this sugar spaghetti. It is down to hard work and perseverance. Sometimes the sugars do control and then all of a sudden they just seem to go “haywire”.

Stress more than anything affects them very badly so stressing about the spaghetti is not the answer.

What I can say is that we are getting closer and closer to major breakthroughs in diabetes and already in 2016 we are in a far better place than ever before. We have multiple tools in our armentarium.

The elusive 7 is the target. This target seems unattainable for many. Still aim for it. With a good team around you each day you will be closer.targeta1c

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