Pump honeymoon

So yes I agree that when you go onto a pump -insulin pump for diabetes type 1 (insulin dependant) that you have a type of honeymoon period and then sugars go haywire again. However that requires just a little adjusting (and usually if a child co-incided with a growth spurt – and by law of nature kids grow all the time). Pump settings require tweaking, yes I agree. This is not an argument against a pump.

Pump therapy is by far more physiological than 4 injections a day. Managing diabetes in children is very hard. Why would you not want the easiest way available in a very tricky situation?

I am all for making life easier for both patients and parents and I truly and firmly believe the more physiological the better. I am not saying this is for everyone and obviously there has to be criteria to fulfil BUT there is no reason to actively withhold a therapy this awesome!pump2pump

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