Can Amy Winehouse see, mommy?

So I have been trying to relate “death” to my 2 and 4 year old because our puppy died and then my dog got ridden over and also has proceeded on to heaven. For some or other reason my children heard Amy Winehouse singing and have become her most avid fans. I like this as I really rate her and am so chuffed that my littles have good taste in music.

So I was trying one day whilst driving home to explain the “death” concept and how this all works and mentioned that Amy is also in heaven with “badger’s” pup and “poppy dog”. No way mummy came the reply I can hear Amy singing she is here not in heaven. So we had another few chats around that issue. Then she pops us – so can Amy Winehouse “see” badger’s pup and poppy mummy and can she see us?

Bear in mind she is 4.

I also get told that NO mummy that is not Amy Winehouse, when I play her lesser well known tracks and as soon as I switch to a better known one, Cayley says yes now you have it correct.

I do hope Amy is in heaven and I do hope she is entertaining my two dogs with her awesome music.

For now we will continue to debate frolicking puppies and Amy’s cool music on our trips to and from school. (So pleased to not be listening to Barney)




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