MOmmy heart

I just feel so overwhelmed and blessed at the moment when I realise that one of the things that for so long I longed for – motherhood has arrived. My husband will kill me for putting it like that. (He did not approve of ” the song of childbirth” that I tried to sing giving natural birth and I must say we still laugh at some situations that I have put him through a little unwillingly – like natural child birth experience). But the over-riding absolutely peaceful joy that over-fills my heart is something I just feel I need to share today.

Mostly that I am so grateful to be a mom. That my two little princess joys are the amazing individuals that they are and on a daily, also minute-to-minute basis make my heart skip a beat much the same way that young infatuated love does.

It has not always been this rosy picture. Wind back two and a half years and I was in a not so great place about it all, having just “tried” and failed to sing the song of childbirth, had an out of body experience attempting it, I was in the blue-black dolldrums of the aftermath. I have blogged about this on here and on another forum.

And all the more reason I am so grateful for this bright sunshiny happy place. ON a daily basis I get to “learn” their personalities and their nuances, experience their honesty and cuddles. I just feel blessed to the brim. IMG_4936IMG_4934

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