Diabetes – the future

With great excitement I look forward to 2016 and new developments in Diabetes worldwide and in South Africa. We are delighted to be adding to this offering a multi-disciplinary and integrated medicine approach right here at 26 Hilton avenue in January 2016.

As a team of health care practitioners we firmly believe that diabetes requires the skill of a multi-disciplinary team that targets the diabetes disease from all angles, all organs as well as from head to toe. We will be providing this range of care in very specialised packages (or as individual consults) targeting : pre diabetes, type 2 and type 1 in a very specific to disease fashion. We also aim to cover women’s health issues in the same fashion as well as patients who are just generally performing below par.

In terms of what is available to diabetics in 2016 : brand new medicines, combinations of medicines, new strategies which combine using techology with your health care practitioners for closer and more meaningful follow-up, new pump therapy, possibly islet cell transplant roll out mostly overseas but keep your eyes peeled for this amazing “cure” for type 1.

As a team we promise to provide up to date care as well as treat each individual to target with a patient-centered plan with patient input as a major part of the strategy.

We will be partnering with some awesome chefs 😉 and making diabetes your best friend.

Do you know that if you take care of your diabetes you will outlive and outlive in a healthy fashion your friend who is not diabetic?dex sensor


almost all above


SEbastian Sasseville, an inspirational diabetic


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