The end of the year – Je suis Charlie

As I wipe the sleep dust from my eyes it is the end of the year. It feels like yesterday that I did the very same thing and it was January 2015. I am feeling that it is the end of the year in terms of that horrid fatigue and not much inspiration left kind of feeling. It has been a busy crazy jam packed year.

I have learnt a lot! I have grown and grown up. The year kicked off with some time out and joyous time spent with friends and family and very soon got into the hum drum of practice. Early in Feb (just after the horrid Charlie de Suis story) I have the great privilege of going to Paris for ATTD. It was especially special in that I got to spend time with my sister who lives in England. The people I met and interacted with were a wonderful blessing to me and it was certainly a highlight of my career thus far. I love diabetes for the people it has introduced me to as well as the amazing opportunities it has afforded me.

Life has happened as my husband would put it with the usual trials and tribulations including a broken arm and trip to the hospital with one of my littlies.

I had the extraordinary pleasure of a diabetic update in Capetown and was hugely treated to table mountain views, divine food and wine and company in August this year.

November opened itself with a super special opportunity to do cataract surgery at Zithulele – a great great joy. My littlies accompanied me and I can honestly say loved every second of the “missionary” life.

And here we are one week away from Christmas, how did we get here?

Blessed and precious times to all and may South africa go from strength to strength in 2016.zithulele2IMG_4697.JPGIMG_4465.JPGIMG_4541.JPGIMG_3184.JPG

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