The Cape of Hope and Science

WE ALL had a ball

WE ALL had a ball

Just back from an awesome weekend, “connecting experts in diabetes” by Astra Zeneca. Thanks thanks and thanks again. Amazing speakers with superb and intruiging presentations. Ranging from how some of the new drugs work and fit into treatment regimen to brand new amazing concepts in terms of diagnosing neuropathy early BEFORE it is too late, i.e. in time so that something can be done about it.

The view of table mountain from Milnerton is spectacular and relaxing initself. The hotel we stayed in top notch and top marks to the attentive and friendly staff – you do the cape proud. I ate the most delicious food and fish and drank wonderful cape wine.

We were treated to a magnificent talk about the science of fun by an Astrophysicist – mind blowing and apparently he goes around to schools to get children interested in maths/science. He was simply inspiring – a Prof Govender of UKZN – highly highly recommended.


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