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The Science of fun

Now there’s a concept I applaud with both my hands for a long period of time. So much of daily life depends on science but more specifically new technology and ways to make life in general not necessarily easier but liveable going forward into the future.

Also the fact that something like science is indeed fun. You do not need to convince a nerd like me of that but the sad tragedy is that by and large our children, our school going population are seemingly not interested in science and maths (do I need to mention do not really perform at it – to put it nicely).

And it doesn’t need to be this way. It IS fun and there is endless application in terms of learning, job opportunities, job creation, never mind enterprise and entrepreneurship.

Almost all aspects of human life – right from conception believe it or not – are related to science and yet attention to detail, the detail of actually enjoying it as a subject is neglected by schools at large – well that’s what it seems like to me looking in from the outside. And yet CRITICAL.

What can you do today to make science fun for your own child?

balloon experiments

balloon experiments

science, children, fun

science, children, fun


The Cape of Hope and Science

WE ALL had a ball

WE ALL had a ball

Just back from an awesome weekend, “connecting experts in diabetes” by Astra Zeneca. Thanks thanks and thanks again. Amazing speakers with superb and intruiging presentations. Ranging from how some of the new drugs work and fit into treatment regimen to brand new amazing concepts in terms of diagnosing neuropathy early BEFORE it is too late, i.e. in time so that something can be done about it.

The view of table mountain from Milnerton is spectacular and relaxing initself. The hotel we stayed in top notch and top marks to the attentive and friendly staff – you do the cape proud. I ate the most delicious food and fish and drank wonderful cape wine.

We were treated to a magnificent talk about the science of fun by an Astrophysicist – mind blowing and apparently he goes around to schools to get children interested in maths/science. He was simply inspiring – a Prof Govender of UKZN – highly highly recommended.


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Out of office

Please note that Ralph and I will be out of the office tomorrow and friday 8 and 9 th October 2015

Please make use of the online booking system for Dr Lee :

We will be back on Monday 12 2015 as usual on 033 343 2243, also : 0743654986.

My patients can whatsapp me if there is anything urgent.

Dr REed and Stewart are open : 033 343 2270

Hilton Life Hospital has a lovely casualty staffed 24 hours of the day : 033 329 5600.

Eggs : overeasy

In a recent attempt to begin painting with oils I started a painting of daisies. When I took the unfinished piece home my very observant husband asked if they were fried eggs. So I guess back to the drawing (painting) board on that one.  Learning a new skill does take time effort and patience.

Another new almost hobby I am trying to cultivate is crocheting and I seem to at least be able to get a few things to resemble what they are supposed to look like.

Patients with diabetes who are initially diagnosed also have to learn a whole new set of skills, particularly type 1. In a child’s case the whole family needs to upskill. This is daunting. Especially when there is technology attached to the skill set. Starting with a glucometer and needles/syringes etc and moving towards more integrated pump/continous monitoring systems is a steep learning curve – one that inevitably will result in some eggs dropping on the floor.

When you learn to cook you usually start with boiling eggs- they are generally hard to flop but even they can be “flopped”.

Don’t let learning a new skill get on top of you, don’t let anyone discourage you. Very soon you will be painting daisies that anyone can recognise.

Daisies? Eggs?

Daisies? Eggs?

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