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Dexcom spaghetti

How does one unravel the download of dexcom spaghetti? I find continous monitoring is HUGELY beneficial to the patient on a literally minute to minute basis and in terms of the “knowing” what their sugars are and in terms of littlies the mom or dad “knowing” minute to minute “where” things are at.

For the health care professional however there is a lot of spaghetti to wade through.

My personal favourite is the graph that averages everything out and plots one average on a 24 hour day. For me I can USE this information to adjust settings and give advice. NO two days are quite the same, diabetes remains a learning game, but if you use your trends you will always win, just a little rhyme for a bit of fun.

Diabetes is a challenge, an obstacle, a learning game. I learnt recently from a very inspirational type 1 diabetic that one needs to dance with the obstacle. I am learning myself (as a health care provider) to dance with the obstacles I have in caring for diabetics.

how to unravel

how to unravel

A “learned” response

How does one overcome adversity? I watched a brilliant little youtube clip by a guy with type 1 diabetes who has done incredible things and thanks his diabetes for his “gift” of “not being able to choose” the disease and having to learn how to cope.

What I loved most about his clip was the fact that he aims to ” have his favourite song playing” – you probably have ┬áto watch it to understand – but to be inspired on an ongoing basis. The “success” so to speak is shortlived and a moment, but the journey is where you “perform” and get swept up and sweep others up.

He tries to impart how to “dance” with your obstacle and yield in a sense and the power that then comes from that as opposed to fighting the diagnosis/obstacle.

IT’s inspirational and worth a watch., also on YOU tube : Sebastian Sasseville

SEbastian Sasseville, an inspirational diabetic

SEbastian Sasseville, an inspirational diabetic

How could this Not be inspiring ?

How could this Not be inspiring ?;)