It’s in the detail

Type 1 diabetes is a diagnosis that rocks most families and patients and affects the entire family dynamic for the rest of the patient’s life. It’s affect is minute to minute and second to second and quality of life is a very key thing that gets given a good shaking up – of all affected.

Have you ever had a drop in sugar? How did it make you feel? Can you imagine going from high to low like a rollercoaster most days? That is what some patient’s face. Hard for the patient, harder still for the parent/care-taker.

For some people the term “brittle” diabetes is a swear word and does not exist, for some people it is an excuse to run their sugars all over the show. For me the truth is somewhere inbetween.

Certainly in my experience there are definitley patients who are more sensitive to insulin and in tiny alliqots than other patients, especially children, women at different times of cycle/states of hormones etc. It becomes incredibly tricky to get the “dosing” right on 4 injections a day. The more sensitive one is to insulin the easier I find it to manage patients on an insulin pump. This will enable smaller doses, a 1/3 less of a total daily dose and easier titrations in these sensitive candidates.

Life after diagnosis is tricky and quality is key. Every minute and every second counts towards that. A roller coaster is no way to live. Rather a smoothie – nice even sugars, minimal variation and mostly at target makes for a happy patient.insulin pump

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