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That baby fat – getting rid of “so how many months are you? grr”

Any lady who has been pregnant (well except those freaks of nature who only gain a few kgs and shed them immediately as you shed a jersey), will know that if you gain an excessive amount of weight during pregnancy it can be an incredibly hard task to shed them.

In my case it took me a long long time. It was around a year ago that I finally grew weary of the endless comments – “so how far along are you?” “when is your 3 rd baby due?”. Well I was not and my 2nd baby was already one, so yes why did I still look like a pregnant fairy?

I made up my mind that it was going – all of it and set some rigorous goals. And for me more than anything else it was that mindset and determination. Yes I cut out sugar and refined carbs. No I did not strictly “Bant” so to speak but I do believe I combined the best elements of “banting and Noakes ideas” with healthy eating and added in exercise where I could – although anyone with 2 children will know this is quite hard.

Slowly the kgs came off and most delightedly my waist line shrunk away.

Now the comments are along the lines of ” you are wasting away” – I can live with that. 🙂

beatiful bump -no this is not me

beatiful bump -no this is not me

A combo that combines the best of pump with the best of continuous monitoring

I am so glad and so grateful for the partnership between Roche accu-chek combo and Dexcom (ethitech) for bringing together effective algorythyms for delivery of insulin with really accurate continous glucose monitoring. It is making the biggest difference in stable sugars since I have started helping diabetic type 1 patients a good many years ago.

For the first time in their lives my 5 patients on dexcom/accu-check combo pump have a tool that helps minute to minute but essentially prevents hypos and high excursion in blood sugar. The result more stable moods, more energy, I guess in short better quality of life due to not “recovering” from a high or a low. Better adjustments on the pump because of quality information that actaully makes a difference.

Life as a type 1 for both patient and all the family and friends of that patient is tricky. This is making it far less tricky and changing quality of life as well as long-term health translating into less complications downstream. (Note to funders : this will cost you less in the long run – less heart attacks, amputations, dialysis, etc)

combo pump

combo pump

dexcom difference

So I have 5 patients on Dexcom – continuous monitoring for diabetes. They are all type 1 patients (but type 2s could use this device too). It has made the hugest difference in terms of almost NO hypos ! Why? Because you see it dropping and you react !

Seems obvious but if you are diabetic you know how @@$$%% awful a low is. And being able to prevent is like a magic trick.

Also a lot less high excursions – you see the trend of it going up and you can exercise, run a temp basal or if really high like >15 do a correction bolus (aiming for not too aggressive otherwise you induce a see-saw pattern we are trying to avoid).

Delighted I am for them as well as all the other patients in the future that is it going to help.

The technology is simply one that works – an amazing little filament with embedded sensor that detects change that is fed into an algoryhtm. It is accurate, hard working, simply a wonderful armentarium in the diabetes tools.dexcom

Can I ask anyone out there to give feedback on their dexcom tips?

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