Banting’s best with common sense

The pearls I have gleaned from the current Banting wave are the lesser intake of simple sugars and simple carbs. One does not have to forgo all carbs, neither does one have to eat piles of fat.

This very simple message, contrary to what we have been fed both by the media and the medical profession over the last about 50 years is the low fat lie.

Certainly low fat is not the answer as seen by the past 50 years increase in both diabetes and obesity – diabesity. The lie was that carbs are ok. Yes they are in moderation and if you are eating quality carbs.

If you are eating piles of junk in the simple form of it – that is what has precipitated a tsunami of unwellness.

Glean the best of banting, lose weight slowly, have more energy and prevent diabesity.

The hamburger tsunami causing diabesity

The hamburger tsunami causing diabesity


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2 thoughts on “Banting’s best with common sense

  1. Richard Nicholls September 8, 2015 at 10:54 am Reply

    Very good article.


  2. […] Banting’s best with common sense. […]


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