A Conference that exceeded expectations

I was priveledged to attend a recent conference for diabetes care professionals in the broad – namely the entire team : biokineticists, dieticians, diabetic educators, podiatrists, ophthalmologists and doctors. Hope I didn’t leave anyone out. Unique in a sense and totally committed to the best care for diabetics at large in south africa.

I commend every speaker who was both entertaining and captivating and highly educative with messages that I am sure will stick in our minds with the sole purpose of improved and great medical care to our diabetics.

I guess the topic that most excites me is the prospect of closed loop technology in our time. Something that was very nicely detailed was the lack of any current insulin to “match” physiology and the much needed pattern of glucose uptake in order to enable euglycemia. Contrasted brilliantly (the best talk I have ever heard) by the journey towards efficacious/accurate closed loop techonology in our time.

Yes new insulins that better “match” glucose uptake will help, yes new drugs for type 2 diabetes are wonderful. However a “cure” for type 1 is yet another super super exciting prospect for type 1’s. The cost of this is definitely a limiting factor but the mind blowing research going into making this a concrete reality is exciting and something that any type 1 parent prays for.

The balance, with holisitic medicine not being ignored, covering science behind the benefits of coffee and cessation of smoking done masterfully.

There are many people in this country who work beyond the best of their ability. Many health professionals who attempt to steer the ship in the direction of safe, affordable yet excellent care and I commend these professionals who despite the tide that comes against them and the punches that are thrown never waiver in the task and as someone pointed out throw a tremendous counter punch ;).

Islet cell transplantation in our time

Islet cell transplantation in our time

islet 2


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